Monday, August 13, 2012

LifeDays: Looking backwards but mostly heading FORWARD

My LifeDay was this past Saturday. I spent it watching the early morning moon & stars fade into a glorious riot of pinks, oranges & purples & blues of a sunrise I truly believe can only be found here in Kahuku, Hawaii. Then heading out for Chapel clean up with rakes & groggy children. Then enjoying the baptisms of 3 young men & then hanging out at our Ward Pool party.

The sun was hot, the kids were noisy & scrambled eggs were the dish of the day. Yummy. I tried to sit away from the crowd but my niece & the gaggle of pre-teen girls stalked me down & proceeded to chat my ears off about boys.

(as if. boys. One girl actually asked me if I had a boy friend in high school. I said No. Whatever would I want one for? She looked at me like I'd sprouted another head or something. I asked her, You're in 7th grade, what the hell are you gonna do with a boyfriend except for have drama? Trust me you have all the rest of your life to have drama. Save it for when you have to have it & enjoy the peace & quiet right now. Sage advice huh? It was also handily ignored)

When they finally left to scarf down donuts & chips (how nice to be 12 years old with a teenage metabolism) It gave me time to pause & reflect on my past four years.
I gotta say - it's not quite all that bad!
*grins & winks*
Some of it has been pretty damn good!

In four years, I've managed to run a 9 minute 36 second mile. I've also managed to bench press a 150lb. I've climbed & hiked Diamond Head & Koko Head crater. I've walked/run a 5k AND a 10k. In more practical terms - I've walked/run from 7-11 Hauula to my home in Kahuku. I've biked. I've roller skated (not well I might add). I've hula hooped, Zumba'd & squated like a champ! I've also jumped rope & shimmied on the Kindergarten playground. Lord, have mercy - I have also done diamond push ups & Burpees. (with much bitching I must add as well!)

I've worn size 10 dresses (thank you Spandex) and I've stuffed my big ass into size 14 jeans ( size 12 seems to elude me still) but better than all that ...

The thing I'm most proud of in all of that is... I've worn out the soles twice on my running shoes. Big time Ups for me. Those busted up shoes represent to me the gratitude I have for my life because I was worth every single effort to get healthier.

I'm on the hunt for new running shoes this week. Katzu has taken off with my Reebok's & my New Balances I bought a month ago. My babyfeet need to learn to handle the pavement again.

I still have a list of things I haven't done yet. I really think that this new year of life is going to bring opportunities for me to cross them off my "Bucket List".

  • Paddle Boarding
  • Roller Derby
  • Ice Skating
  • Go Kart Racing
  • Para-Gliding
  • Sky Diving
  • Kick Boxing
I've been considering getting my certification in Zumba this year as a gift to myself - never mind that I can not Zumba to save my life AND that I have zero coordination. I just want to know for myself that as a fat girl - I can get my ass certified in a sport where skinny bitches are the norm.

And I'm thinking that I'd like to become licenced Personal Trainer. (Again because I've been there - God! Some days I'm still there.)

When I do become a PT, I want my clients to know that I know what it's like to be out of shape & intimidated in a big gym & by skinny rabid people tossing weights & sweat around like candy. I want them to know that they can do it because I can do it too.

All we gotta do is start. Oh! and keep on going! Don't stop because starting all over is a bitch on the feet!

with love & delicious LifeDays~

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  1. You have fantastic ambitions, I totally agree with you going for the certifications, both would be a ton of fun!


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