Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Easy thoughts & images

A difference of perceptions
This has become one of my favorite images to work on this week.

I love the warmth of it. I love the texture of the brick. I love the morning sunlight pouring through. I love the feel of peeking thru the pukas in the bricks & seeing people rush by in cars & buses & bikes.

It makes me wish I could be tiny enough to fit myself into it & soak up the sunshine while watching the world zoom by.

I've spent weeks walking past this hallway at work, making notes of the lighting, the angles, the shadows.

The only time that light comes into that hallway through those bricks & light up that way - is early morning about 6:30am to 7:30am.

8:00am is too late already. The light has faded & that place becomes a dark hallway like all other hallways.

It's been an interesting summer working but not really getting paid. In short I've been gifting my time to the school. Well, even gifting is a big word when you consider that the state has been holding 30 hours a week of my life hostage. I've learned that nothing really changes. People just become more themselves.

But I've loved being there. I love watching people. I really love watching all the cliques & followers & so forth. I love the subtle politics. I love the power plays. Everyone believes they are the sun in their universe & everyone else are just orbiting moons reflecting their golden glory.

Well, lets be honest - most of them wouldn't even consider most of their workmates a distant constellation in their galaxy. Clock out at 5pm & call it a day!

I've learned that just because people have degrees conferred by Universities of High Learning - almost all of them have not learned to listen. They hear but they don't listen.

Everyone wants someone to listen to what they say but it seems that listening & hearing are skills you don't learn in school.

I hear a workmate talking about her husband & I wonder if she hears what she isn't saying about him. I hear the love in her voice, I hear the love he has for her, I hear the hurt & the need he feels at being the last on her list for her time & attention. He's a big baby at heart. He's her baby & it sounds like to me what he is... is sick & tired & ignored. He's also the man that wants her to let him take care of her, his way - like a man. The man.

Men are strange creatures, I don't even want to pretend that I understand them. But I get it.

I hear another workmate talking about her OCD & her obsessive controlling behavior that doesn't allow for her to trust anyone else to do a job. Sounds to me like she doesn't trust herself enough to give herself the forgiveness that she's refusing to give others.

I hear another workmate talking about Jesus & asking when are all the other people going to get what they've got coming to them when all it looks like is that good people suffer more & bad people skate free. What I hear her saying is Jesus Have I been blessed enough? You blessed them, now what about me?

For a group of people who teach children what active listening is & how to do it - many of them are failing egregiously (hehehehehe... $10 word of the day!) at listening & hearing what their workmates are truly saying.

Now I don't pretend that I know these people. Like I said before, I don't really know these people or hang out with them outside of the few hours I spend with them during the day.

It's just been very interesting people kinda summer.

So what does that have to do with the pictures? Only that people aren't always what they seem. And neither are images. We have really look to see & really listen to hear each other.

with love & delicious images (people)~

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  1. You have great insight, something that occurred to me while I read is that a lot of people really don't know how to listen... and it's like you said "Does she even hear what she's saying?" I think often people don't even listen to themselves.

    Are your coworkers the only ones talking?


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