Monday, July 9, 2012

Time Outs

Castle Beach, Kahuku

What an absolute perfect day.

I got in a run this morning at the gym. I broke in some new running shoes. (I feel a blister coming on in my immediate future. *grins*) I went to the beach after I sweat  & swore during my run. (baby feet again. poor things. don't worry, I've got another workout scheduled for tomorrow!)

broken kukui nuts

 I had hours out there on the sand, sitting under the warm sun thinking deep thoughts. It was good to be warm & dry & happy. Too many times, in the past couple of months, I've put off taking care of me so that I could take care of everyone else.

I think that's a common ailment of women everywhere. We love so much & give so much of ourselves that we forget to give back to us too. We love loving our families & our friends & our causes near to our heart! But we have to learn when to call a time out & close our doors & take care of us first.

(In my case, I called a time out & went to the beach!)

As I was sitting there, those kukui nut shells peaked out from a shallow sand mound. 2 broken halves of the same shell. I pieced them back together but sometimes, things just have to be part ~ for whatever purpose.
I put them back (kinda) the same way I had found them.

Now I have a clearer perspective of several choices I have to make. Some choices need to be made sooner, some can wait a little bit longer. Regardless, they still have to be made.

So as I lay me down to sleep tonight, I thank my God for all He does for me. I thank Him for His un-ceasing love for me, for the strength He pours into my being each day, for the joy He puts in my heart each moment, for his acceptance & forgiveness of my (many) tantrums as I grow more towards becoming the soul He envisioned of me.

With Love & delicious beaches~

PS. When did my nose get so big? *laughs*

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