Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Katzu!!! :Moments of MotherHood

Happy Birthday Katzu

Kennedy Katzu turned 9 last week Sunday. It was a quiet celebration starting at 12 minutes after midnight with a spidey birthday cake. He insisted on all 36 candles on his cake - all lit at the same time.

It was a fire hazard of cake! But it made him happy. Behind Sim & Tafi, we had a fire extinguisher on hand just in care the candles got too happy!

But it was a good. Because we all stayed up so very late, we missed church that morning. Which was fine with all of us since none of us wanted to get dressed & go anyway.

Birthday Cake is lucky cake!
Katzu got his first phone of the day from Geoffrey the Giraffe. Who left a very excited & happy Happy Birthday message for him. His second call came from his Aunty Tish who also left a very excited & happy Happy Birthday message for him.

(which prompted a smattering of protest from Tafi because he didn't get anything as cool as phone call messages wishing him a Happy Birthday. He was pouting about that. Never mind that a few months ago, he had a big blowout of birthday party at the BYU-H gameroom with 50 of his best buddies!)

Katzu got his 1000+ POG collection as a gift from me. He got PizzaHut coupons from Sim. He got something yummy & edible from Tafi.

He waited all day & night for the one thing he really wanted: a phone call from his dad. A message on the answering machine saying Happy Birthday. Something. Anything.

His dad didn't call. Didn't write. Didn't care.
Birthday CheezeBalls!

Which is also nothing new.

What's new is that Katz has to begin accepting that his dad is un-available to him all ways: mentally, spiritually, physically & emotionally and learn to keep on going.

I don't really understand the kind of person a man must be to abandon his children - HIS CHILDREN so that he can play father to the children of his second wife & multiple girlfriends. As long as I live, I will never accept any man as a good man if he failed to care for his children.

Nothing anyone says will make me change my mind because any man who can abandon his children, is a man who's word  & work mean nothing. Less than nothing. He can not be trusted.

As a family, we're holding together. Looking forward to the new school year, new classes, new experiences. We're all in this together (don't laugh! That's one of my theme songs!) and We're In It To WIN IT!

with love & delicious birthdays!~

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