Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Happy Cake

Rainbow Cake from Saint Germaines Bakery in Waipahu
This is what I'm going to have for lunch. You know why? Because I just damned well feel like it.

Sometimes, a girl just needs some cake. Today, I'm that girl & that's my cake!!!

As I drive out to Waipahu (or Kalihi, depending on the boys where they want to go too) ~ I'll be thinking of you & wishing you could be here with a fork held high in salute to this beautiful yummy cake!

I'm going savor each forkful of guava/lilikoi/lime cake with whipped cream frosting. I'm going to make indecent Hmmmmmmmmmmmm sounds & let my eyeballs roll into the back of head. It's going to be that good.

Be jealous whereever you are. Very jealous.

Until I weigh in tomorrow, then you can laugh your ass off at me too!


With love & delicious rainbow cakes~

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