Friday, June 22, 2012


One of the things I'm grateful is the ability to live a FaithFull life. It takes guts & courage to live faithfully while nanny naysayers question your rationality & sanity. I have guts a plenty & shitloads of courage!

My new favorite saying is, "I'm not crazy. I'm FaithFull. There's a difference."

And wow! What a Blessing to be FaithFull. I know what that says. It's not a misspelling.

I am literally Full up on Faith!

I've met some interesting souls this past week. Souls struggling with faith based principles. They've asked me to quantify, verify & validate my faith (not just my religious faith). They've asked for evidence of my self, my authority, my right to execute & speak on behalf of the people that I do speak & act for.

Even when my creditials of faith are proven for them, they doubt still. They question still. They see without seeing. They want signs. They want BIG OBVIOUS SIGNS. But that's just not how it works.

I am a Child of God. I am my father's daughter. I am the product of a millennia of souls who've worked hard to make me be what I am today & more importantly sacrificed so that I could choose to be the right person at the right time to do the right thing I was made to do!

Some of us speak of destiny. Those of us who understand where we came from, will understand the pre-mortal contracts we agree too.

(Again I hear the nannynags saying she's crazy! give her some prozac! I ain't crazy you basterds. I'm FaithFull. There's a difference!)

I covenanted for a certain promise to gain certain blessings. I fulfill my promise, I am blessed.

Now that doesn't mean that I don't have the same kinds of crap to deal with that everyone else does. I do. Since I have a mortal body, it has mortal needs - like food & water & shelter. Right now this body is liking donuts again.

(*sigh* Damn donuts. I'm sure I gained another 10 pounds this week! *grins*)

So the big question this week from the nannynags has been,"Well, HOW DO YOU KNOW?"

Here's how I know maggot ~ the truth speaks to me, it rings for me, it sings to me. The truth moves me. And the confirmation comes in small things... here a little, there a little until its time for me to know the larger picture of things. Most of the time, I don't know the why of things till after I've made the choice. In retrospect, then I get to know the consequences of choices.

Thank God! Most of the time, the right choice is the one I made!

My personal compass always leads me true because I have faith that it works & will lead me where I have to go & show me what I have to do. It guides me to the people I need to serve because they have to make choices to become what they need to so they can get to where they have to go to do that thing they have to do!

My God, little maggot is not a liar god. He does not & will not ever lie to me. Ever. My Father loves me. I may not always like what He speaks to me but hey! let's be honest - I don't have to like it to get done. *smiles*

With love & delicious knowing~

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