Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Better Her than Me: Time Out Tuesdays

So I heard from a friend that the Ex got re-married last week.
(I haven't been able to second source it yet but considering that my friend is a good solid source & that she heard it direct from the Ex, I'm going to assume its true.)

Wow. The Ex is married. To someone else.
Good for him. No. Really. Good for him.
And Good for her. Seriously. Because better her than me.
(which is what one bitch said of me when I married him the first time around. *laughs* Oh the Irony of that statement! *laughs*)

And just for the record: I don't want him back. I want him to be happy & it looks to me like happy has a different name than mine.

I won't lie and say that it didn't catch at me & give me a hitch in my step for a bit there. It did. Because of who he married & what she is.

She is Mormon. They were married by a Bishop of our faith in a chapel of our church. He is Mormon. (That's a little known fact. He really is Mormon.)


Talk about it takes a huge sucking leap of faith on my part to leave this at God's door because I know for a fact that while we were still married, they were already engaged in illicit behaviors (nice way of saying screwing around) but here they are getting legally wedded in a church - a religious place that I believe in by a man called of God- which I also believe in.

Wow. Again, one more time with feeling .... Wow!

[Side note to God: Okay, God. I don't get that but I get that You get this. For whatever purposes in this world & the next, this works for You (and for them). And really in the long term perspective (we're talking multiple eternities here) I'm not God & I can't see the things that God does.]

So that mess of fatty hotness? *points at them* works for God & it works for them. It works for me too then.

But what does that mean for me?

Nothing. Because he's moved on & me & my children are collateral damages of a past he doesn't want to remember.

Does that sound harsh? It's true. He & She want to erase us from their history. Too bad. We don't get what we want, we get what we need.

[Another side note to God: seriously God? Do I really need another sister who hates my guts & wants to kill me? I already have one of those! Ok, Thanks. Just checking]

It'll be an adventure having this woman for a sister seeing as how that idiot  her new husband & I share children & that makes her an extended part of their/my family. Oh well, its not as if I don't have sisters (real blood sisters) that also hate my guts & want to kill me.

(I live to inspire such awesomeness in others *note the sarcasm please*winks*)

Welcome to the new Mrs. T! I'm sure you'll enjoy your new title/husband way more than I ever did & probably use it/him more happily & more frequently than I ever did. Well... I shouldn't be snarky about it. *smiles* Let's just leave it at Welcome Sister T!

With love & delicious new additions to the dinner table ~

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