Wednesday, May 2, 2012

+ or - Still In It to Win It: WIO & Weigh It In Wednesday

One of the things I've lost sight of in this craziness to make a weight limit - is that this is a journey. The end isn't the most important thing - the journey there is.

This is my life! Not a diet I go on to drop 5 lbs or 10 lbs or even *gasp* 50 lbs. This is not about the number on the scale or dress size or jeans size.

This is about me. My life. My rules. My health.

I made a choice 6 years ago to get healthier. It's taken me six long years of working mentally, spiritually, emotionally & physically to manifest this healthiness where I can run up hills, I can lift weights, I can be happy.

This didn't just happen over night. And neither did the weight gain.

2008: Plus Plus Plus Plus Plus Plus size hospital gown

6 years ago, I could not run a straight mile. Hell, I couldn't even walk a mile. 4 years ago, I could clear a mile in 25 minutes.

This morning as I lace up my shoes I know I can run - not walk - a mile. I can even run it up a big bad hill if I want too. It might take me 15 minutes. It might take me 12 minutes. If its really good, I may kill my mile in 9 minutes & 36 seconds.

But I.Can.Do.It!
(Yay! Me!)

My friend, Annie Gooding over at Annie Gooding reminded me of what's really important ~ to be kind to myself no matter what the scale says to me.

Which is so interesting to hear being said back to me. That's always the Number 1 thing I always say to everyone else about everything else including fitness.
May 1, 2012

Be Kind to Your Self!

So I'm going to practice what I preach and NOT get on the scale. Because the kindest thing to do for myself is get over the number on the scale. I'm going to measure my success in miles & pounds lifted. In how many burbees, lunges & push ups I can do in one session. I'm going to focus on strong & flexible & kindness.

Because to quote the beauty commercial I hate *laughs*.... I'm Worth It!

With love & delicious miles of road to run~

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