Monday, May 14, 2012

Nana : Moments of MotherHood

Mothers Day 2012
Nana is my second sister's daughter.

She's the fourth of our Millennium babies ( Byna was born January 2000, Tafi in April 2000, Lua in July 2000 and Nana in August 2000).

Nan's birthday is 2 days after mine.

How awesome is that?
(very awesome!)

All of my sisters children have a special place in my heart. All of them.

Nan had a field trip to the Nature Conservatory with her class today. We thought she didn't have to be there until 8am because the bus would leave at 8:15am.

When we got to the school at 8am, the bus had already left & Nan was sitting at the office heartbroken that she'd missed the bus.

I told her to go ahead & go to the other class room & wait to see what I could do. Maybe she'd be able to go with the next group on Wednesday.

I prayed. Now I know it sounds presumptuous that I pray & God answers - but He really does.
10 minutes later, another parent blew through our office looking for a child who had also missed the bus and offered to drive Nan & the other students out to the camp in Makiki.

She wanted to go. I had only met the parent peripherally in other parent stuff. I prayed if it would be ok to let her go. She gave me a big hug & went with the other parent to camp.

Her teacher called me to let me know she got there safely & that they were going to take good care of her.

Thank You God because I prayed from the moment she left me till her teacher called that she would be safe, the car they were travelling in was safe, that the parent driving them was well & protected, that the roads would be cleared, that their journey would be calm. I prayed that God would bless them with safety & protect them. All of them. I even blessed the gas in his tank so that it'd be efficient & work well.

I don't know how it works for other people & praying but I know when I pray, God hears me & answers my prayers. Now I don't always like the answers I get, but I trust that God knows whats best. I thank Him today for watching out for my girl.

She is safe. She is well. And I'm relieved.

With love & delicious prayers~

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