Monday, April 30, 2012

It Just Keeps On Getting Better:Moments of MotherHood

So I'm doing the laundry this evening & decide to wash Katzu's favorite pair of pants for our field trip to BYU-H.

And what do I see when I put his pants in the washer?

The little puka in the back pocket is neatly stitched up. Little x's closed up the hole. It was as good as new!

I didn't mend Katz's pants. I know for sure Katz didn't mend his pants. That leaves a limited list of suspects!

Who did this random act of kindness for me & for Katz? Somebody sewed up my baby Katz's favorite army pants as a gift of love.

(yes I cried as I turned the washer water on & poured soap in)

I could barely remember my name last week what with Tafi's birthday party & my first week of "working". But I know Katz's insisted on wearing his army pants on Friday. I didn't let him wear it last week because there was that  tiny tear in the back pocket I hadn't had time to mend yet. But he persisted.

(read: nag nag nag. whine whine whine. beg beg beg.)

Katz had told me No, Mommy! Its fixed already!
(since I didn't do it, I didn't believe it was done)

I let it slide, gave in, allowed him to wear it to school on Friday. I figured if he had on clean boxers & was ok with a tiny puka in the pants... I was just fine with it too!

(There are some things as a mother that just aren't worth bitching about!*grins*)

And here I am today looking at the wonderful thoughtfulness that either my mother, my sister or more likely my oldest son Simalei took time out to do for me.

(Thank you whoever did it. I'm humbled by your kindness. Thank You God for reaffirming my faith that it does always get better & better!)

With love & delicious random acts of kindness~

PS. How do you like my yellow vest? Makes me look "important & cool" on the playground, huh? *smiles*

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