Thursday, April 5, 2012

I'm the Parent:Moments of MotherHood

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by kennedy  I LOVE  you  all  

Katz is struggling with fear, his fear is making him immobile. Which is A.O.K with me. I know what fear is like ~ the uncertainty of things, people, places... stuff.

So, I'm going back to 3rd grade to help my youngest son be safe again in his world. This is what he needs to grow forward & I don't have a single problem providing it.

Things happen that trigger fear & learning that your faith is greater than your fear is a lesson worth learning at any age. Lucky for Katz, he's learning it young & while I am still here to make it learning as less damaging than it could be otherwise.

Yeah. I gotta agree with one of the speakers at the LDS General Conference this past week, this life is not meant to be easy or fair. It's meant to test us & polish us.

With love & delicious polishing~
Cy & Katz.

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