Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter:Moments of MotherHood

It's been a rough couple of weeks for me & Katz.

Last weeks blow out with his Pediatrician, our consultation with his Therapist & endless meetings with teachers & conselors from school and Voila! here we are!
(Thank You God for Your tender mercies!)

He is well. Shaken but learning to roll with the (figurative) punches. Easing back into his schedule & trying to find out where & with whom he is safest with.

I some times forget that he's only 8 little years old.
Time has flown past me!
(Come Back! Come Back!)

He insisted that he have real eggs to color for his own Easter egg hunt. I tried to dissuade him, telling him it's too much work/I'm too tired/let's go to a big Easter egg hunt somewhere else.

He reminded me that he's still just a kid & he's never done his own eggs before. (which is true when I had to really think about it. His brothers usually colored them for him or filled plastic eggs instead)

So we had an Easter egg hunt this evening. Wow! The laughter & joy of all the children filled my heart up & over. No chocolate bunnies or bright yellow Peeps. Just a dozen hard boiled eggs & a laughing, smiling Katzu.

What more can a Mom ask for?
(I am so blessed.)

Thank You God for the gift of your son Jesus Christ's atonement for me. He has Arisen & I truly do believe He lives!

With love & delicious gratitude~

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