Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Tafilele! Moments of MotherHood

Today my heart turns 12.

12 years ago at 2:00am, his daddy brought him out to the world
while I laughed hysterically & said Oh My God Tau! He has your face!

So many good memories.

Things have changed for Tafi since then. He's gone from being a baby to being a babe (so I hear from the cheeky girls at school). He's growing up more & instead of growing farther away from me, he grows closer to my heart each moment.

I would've thought that he was closest to me when he was nestled under my breast, his little heartbeat out pacing mine. But here we are twelve years later & this manchild is all my best heartbeats wrapped up in one.

Happy happy happy birthday Tafi. I love you!

With love & delicious birthday-ness~
Mommy Cy

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