Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Chose the Right:Time Out Tuesday

It's not often that I am given the choice between right & right. Maybe to your eyes you will see clear divisions between my choices today. Me? I had to think about it. A lot.

Today is Tuesday. Tuesday's are my designated Temple Day. I set aside time on Tuesdays for me to worship my Heavenly Father in His House & to give service in His name to those sisters who can not do for themselves.  I also set this day aside to pray specifically for those whom I have stewardship over, those whom I love, those whom wish me ill.

I dropped my children off at school this morning and then headed back home. On my way home, I stopped at FoodLand to pick up stuff for dinner (we're having soup & sandwiches!). I got home 5 minutes after 8 to see 5 missed calls from Laie Elementary.

It was the school nurse. Katz was sick. Again.
Sim was sulking about his games.
Mother Hubbard called with several errands to do for her.
I re-arranged my day. So very much to do.

I worried through out that Tuesday, if I'd find time to go to the Temple, if Katz would get better, if everything would get done.

I'm glad to say that even though it was at the very end of my day (and well into the night), I was able to go before it closed.
(Thank You, God!)

Sunday's Relief Society Fireside spoke about Marthas & Marys (the sisters in the New Testament in which one worked while the other sat at Christ's feet to worship). I have always - since the ALWAYS- had a gripe with this parable & the way that Martha is portrayed. Again at our RS it was said that we need to be Marys not Marthas - to not let the every day doings of our lives get in the way of whats important (which the speaker said was worshipping Christ).

Well, let me tell you I'm proud to be a Martha. I make it possible for others to sit and worship. I live my testimony out loud. Some of us are doers. Some of us are sitters.

Doesn't make one better than the other - it just makes us different.
We all have our place in God's House.

With love & delicious worship~

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