Wednesday, April 11, 2012

-0lbs:WIO & Weigh It In

It really sucks - this not weighing myself in (neurotically) on the scale.

I didn't fully understand how much of me is tied into that f*cking #. I hate it.

But that doesn't mean that I don't want to jump on random scales like the one at the mall or the one laying on the floor at WalMart, you know, just to check & see if its a number I can live with.

I'm beginning to harass my children, my family even my precious FatsieCakes with anal repetitive whines of "Do I look fatter?"

They're tired of it. I'm tired of it.

The answer is yes, I'm getting "softer". That's what happens when you stop working out & lifting weights... things get... "squishy".

(My clothes still fit. That's my Easter Dress that I bought but never wore last year. The kids love it. I'm giving it away.)

I see the biggest "squishiness" in my legs. They're gaining a lumpy-ness that I hate more than I hate the scale.

Squats & Lunges? We're about to become intimately acquainted.

That's it damnit! I refuse to be held hostage to a number on a scale. I just won't do it any more.

With love & delicious squishiness~

PS. Before I post my pictures I always get queasy thinking of all those bitches that hate my damn guts ( and yes they are out there). I know what they're saying about me ( assuming of course that they care what I do). But I take a deep breath & post them anyway. Why? Because I'm the Boss of Me. Not them & they don't get to coerce or belittle or intimidate me into anything. I EARNED ME!

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