Friday, April 27, 2012

-0 lbs:WIO & Weigh It In

Last -0 lbs post for the month. I've managed to survive a month of not hitting the scales.

So how have I determined what I've gained or lost then if I'm not chained to a scale?

Let's see... my jeans still fit (Thank God!!!) My shirts still fit (again Thank God!) and I can still bench press 100lbs at the gym. I can still run. I can still walk.

So far. So good!

Back to those jeans still fitting. I don't know why in the hell I keep on wearing them. They make me look huge/fat/bulbous! Just because they fit doesn't mean I should keep on wearing them.

The reason the bathroom picture is important to me is that its at the Kailua Zippy's. Its 1/2 or a 1/4 the width of a regular door. When I was larger - I refused to even enter the bathroom door for fear that I couldn't fit through it (side ways or front ways).

Now I can walk through it face forward with space to spare on each side of my thighs.

The upper right hand picture is from 2 years ago exactly. I'm actually smaller today in terms of inches all over but I look to me - smaller then. Go figure. I don't get it.

The stress of going back to work has led me to be alternately phobic & the binging on food. But this up coming week will be better. I know what the stresses are like & how to plan my eating around it.

Getting to gym is going to be a bit tough what with my new schedule. But I figure I can do bench dips & walking lunges & jumping squats on the field when I'm doing yard duty at school.

(I hope that doesn't embarrass the kiddies too much!)

Haven't decided to do running @ 5am or 5pm. We'll see how it goes!

My new thingy is running hills. At least on the treadmill I can gauge how far & how high & how fast I am running. On the pavement - where the real running counts- it's a bit trickier. I always pat myself on the back after a treadmill run only to kick myself after a pavement run when I can BARELY squeak out a half miler without feeling like I'm dying from a lack of oxygen.

Working out makes me a nicer person. It puts the sparkle in my eye & the spring in my step! It is almost as good as prayer for making me all zen-like and is certainly better than the best sex I ever had.

With love & aching thighs & glutes!

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