Wednesday, April 18, 2012

-0 lbs: WIO & Weigh It In

Me & my Birthday Boy Tafilele  04-21-12
This week was so good!

I got back in the gym 4 out 5 days for 60+ minutes a session.

I was greeted by new machines & new weight challenges.

Talk about the WOW!

There's this thingy called a VersaClimber (it's like a ladder looking thing). I took a leap at it & I lasted all of 2 minutes before I had to get off least I need paramedic rescuing.

Climbing ladders is not for the stumpy legged (unless they're determined!). Its kinda awkward climbing because the depth of the rungs & grips are wide & I feel like I'm doing deep lunges in a vertical movement.
(we all know how I hate lunges)

The other new one is this weight machine for leg glutes. Supposedly what you do is like a reverse fly kick with weights. I got 70lbs easy but I lack control. Weights crashing & crashing means I need more muscle discipline. My fatty legs are in serious need of more strength training!

I started running hills. (Love It! Who knew it could be so very much fun? I wish I'd thought of it sooner.)
Anyhow, I'm running a 4.4mph on a 5% incline. In 75 second bursts. Then drop to a 3.6mph for 60 secs of "rest" and then revving back up till my mile is done.

Its hard & sweaty & breathless. My legs hurt by the 3 rotation up. My head wants to pop off of my shoulders & roll on the treadmill next to me. But those damn endorphins kick in & I feel like I just love everyone & why didn't I just run & run & run instead of having sex with people I didn't care about?

(running is better than the best sex I ever had. True Story!)

I've got some oldie but goodie songs playing on IPOD: Sea of HeartBreak by Kapena, When Doves Cry by Prince,Glad You Came (Remix) by the Wanted & We are Young (Shape Remix).

Its getting harder to separate myself from the scale. But I feel happier not jumping on it. Scale-Free April means I have to focus on what healthy really means to me.

With love & delicious ladders!

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