Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What is your background in?: TimeOut Tuesdays

So I'm working on a something & this question came up.

"What is your background in?"

I'm stumped as how to answer it. It's a pretty straight forward question.

But what is it really asking me?

Is the person asking me what certificates I have in volunteering? or if I am qualified to gather information for an e-bulletin? or if I am a professional writer/photographer/regurgitator of information?

It kinda sticks at me because people have a tendency to want to put me into a slot that is comfortable & familiar for them to digest.

To them, I am what ever it is I am employed (that being paid employed) at. Without a P.A.I.D. job ~ I lack (in their perspective) any sort of background to have a background to pull from.

These are also the same group of people for whom the number of $$$'s in my bank account, the color of my skin AND the status of my religious activity is directly proportional to my worth as a human being.

Then they get all twisted like a pretzel when I tell them, I am not a paid employee of any company or organizations, my bank account is anorexic, the brown of my skin comes from generations of Polynesian ancestors and its none of their damn business if I am a "good" Mormon or a "bad" Mormon or even if I am Mormon at all.

( I have traveled this road before)

Can I satisfactorily answer the question by replying that my background is in Mothering? And if I can answer  with that - what does Mothering mean?

Is Mothering a recognized profession? Do I have any certification certifying my ability to Mother?

But back to the original question: What is your background in?

With love & delicious question confusion~

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