Saturday, March 10, 2012

OverWhelmed: WIO & Weigh It In Wednesdays

This one is late.

Its just been one of those kinds a weeks where everything must have your attention immediately & all you want to do is crawl over into a nice warm comfy bed with a good book & a hot drink. I can say honestly, that instead of reverting back to the cheetos or tossing all my hard work to the wind & pissing on it - I found some other edible diversions.

I went to Jack In The Box Drive Thru several times this past week. I ordered medium curly fries & a Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger & 2 buttermilk sauces. I only ate 1/2 of the fries & both of the buttermilks. For some reason, I never get around to eating the burger!

I've also eaten at Zippys this past week. Oatmeal & regular cornbread (no butter). And today I ate at Dennys. It's been over a year since I've set foot in a Dennys. I ate the blueberry pancake puppies sundae. No butter & no chocolate! But lots of sugar! Yummy!

I'm 0 for 7 of workouts this week. Bad scheduling. Bad attitude. Bad set.

My weight which I did take on Wednesday was neither +lbs or -lbs. Maybe this weeks damage will show up next week eh?

-0lbs. So I'm maintaining last weeks weight loss which tells me nothing really.

Except for that with no working out this past week & blowing my 1500/100... my body is being patient as my mind sorts some stuff out.

So lets see whats going on...

First on the agenda: LIFE.

I got some news that will be changing my lifestyle. That took up a good chunk of my mental energy. It wasn't bad news or anything ~ just news that things are changing & that I've got to gear up & get myself going. Change isn't easy & I needed the time out that I took this week from everything to set my mind straight for the upcoming challenges adventures.

Second: Commitment's

I wrote last week about joining my GET FIT 100 buddies for a challenge. 10 days later, I'm ready to bail on them. I've thought a lot about what it is that bugs me about this. I don't really know them & it doesn't seem like there is a cohesive effort to really get in there & support the 42 members of the group by the group. There are a couple of them who know each other from previous group efforts but other than one of the administrators, I don't know any of them.

The other things that bugs me is that I feel over-whelmed by the challenges. These were challenges I decided to do or extend as my commitment to Get Fit (the group). I thought it would be fun to do these things with a group of people. I'm finding out that its not that much fun & that I'm not really interested in sharing what I am or am not doing/struggling with/succeeding at with them. I already had/have my own thing going on that I've been working on. Mostly because I don't want to intrude on their own struggles with my own fitness dramas.

I have other challenges (such as a picture of myself each week, temple attendance each week, writing to a friend each month, workouts 5 out of 7 days a week etc etc etc) that already take up a good portion of my mental energy.

The challenges I committed to the group are just more things for me to mentally focus my body on. It's taking a toll on my mental energies & I need all of that to get it done.

Amazingly, just leaving the group felt like a huge relief. ( I did that tonight).

Third: Now what?

The 1500/100 still goes to August 11. The NO DMBC for Lent (donuts, mayo, butter & chocolate) goes till June 7th. The 100 miles? I like it. I think I'll re-start that on Monday & also end that on August 11. 100 squats/lunges/burpees a week? I like the idea of it... I'm going to have to think if I like the doing of it.

Tomorrow is a new day. I look forward to it.

With love & delicious overs~

Wow. This is the best picture of me for the week. I was sure I did a picture of me Tuesday for Wednesday but I can't find it in my archives!

The black & white photo was taken exactly one year ago.  The two color photos are from this week. The bottom one is from tonight.


(Oh well.)

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