Monday, March 12, 2012

I'm 40 ~ NOT 4!!!:Moments of MotherHood

This is Mother Hubbard. I'm sure you've met her before. She's my mother. She's like 64 years old feisty.

<----- This picture is of her & her grandson Leilua at our family farm in Hauula. She's plenty irritated because some other soul came & cut the blossom off the bottom of the bunch.

Mother was on Spring Break this past week, as were all her grandchildren.

It was an exercise in keeping my mouth shut as Mother "corrected", "interjected" & "interrupted" my usual schedules & scoldings of my own children.

I can't even begin to tell you how much glee my children derived from watching me get reprimanded by my own mother.

Normally, Mother & I get along just fine. We respect each others "mothering" boundaries. She leaves me to mother my own children however I see fit & doesn't comment yay or nay.

Except for when we're all home for a week & every body is every where!

She's nagging at my hair to the point that she's offered to pay money to have a professional cut it. (I said no. I'm going to buzz it all off ~ for free ~ all by myself!) She's having me drive her to the opposite side of the island when I told her I was going in the other direction. She's insisting on weeding more & more in the noon day sun, when I've told her - I'm done & now I'm going home. I'm telling my sons what to do & she's telling them how to do it. I'm in Kaneohe running my own errands when she calls demanding pork chops & stuffing for dinner. Then when I rush home with her request, she's already eaten saimin!

Our little papaya tree!
*sigh* I love my mother. I swear that I do. I'd be lonely without her here. I love living with her. I love her making me kinda nuts all the time. It's just that some times, she forgets.... I'm 40 not 4.

With love & delicious crazy mothering~

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