Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Giving Up the (Scale) Crazy: WIO & Weigh It In

-2lbs for the week.

Which leaves me still +6lbs for the whole month of March.

What an interesting month March has been.
(Thank God it's finished!)

My working out/running schedules have been chaotic & sporadic at best. Overwhelmed at first slid into Recovering which turned into Spring Break that ended in a new job hunt, possibly searching for new housing & increased spiritual workouts instead.

I went thru the JackInTheCrack drivethru more times in March 2012 than I did in all the past four years added up.

(which is a lot)

But what did I end up eating there? A medium season curly fries & 2 buttermilk sauces. At least 3 times a week. The last one I had was last week Saturday. I decided to take a look at what all that fried fattiness was costing me. So I looked it up.

According to their nutritional guide, JackInTheBox my favorite fat poison cost me 430 calories & 25 grams of fat for the medium curly fries. That buttermilk house sauce? 130 calories & 13 grms of fat per a little box/tablespoon of it.

What the hell?

In just one set I'd eaten 690 calories AND 51 grms of fat. If you're ready to pass out just reading that, you can imagine my screams & frustration! How could I have been so careless as to eat something so detrimental to my health?

Part of it has to do with Lent & the things I gave up to keep my promises. Part of it was stress eating.

I felt (and here's where the faulty thinking starts) that since I'd given up donuts, mayo, butter and chocolate - that there was plenty of space in my dietary plan to substitute other things in. In place of donuts, I ate cookies made with oil even though 3 cookies ran up 140 calories & 5 grms of fat (I ate about 9 of them in 1 set). Since I gave up mayo, I felt buttermilk sauce (which let me tell you has no butter or milk & is totally made of ingredients I can't pronounce) was an acceptable substitute. And the no butter thingy? Well, they don't fry fries in butter. And peanut butter isn't butter. It's peanuts!

Let's not even get into the chocolate substitutes.

The point of all this is that even four years later into this healthier living, I got sloppy with the basics: Know what you're eating, don't eat because your feeling something, lean protein first & fats last, vegetables & fruits always. And for the love of God, I need to give up fast food drives forever. Amen!

( I don't need to wonder where those 8 pounds came from.)

April 2012 starts tomorrow.  My friends over at GoKaleo and Angie Gooding are down for giving up the scale crazies for the whole month of April. They're doing this as a statement to the world that we are women are more than a number, more than a size. We are strong. We are healthy. We are fit.

Can I even imagine a world without a scale that haunts me, taunts me & wrecks my day? When did I even start becoming one of those women who measure everything by the pluses & minuses on a piece of machinery?

March 31, 2012
There was a time in my life where I judged my weight loss based on how far I could walk, if my clothes fit right. I had to give up weighing in because even though I was getting healthier & fitter - the scale made me fight for every single damn pound my body gave up. It got discouraging watching others eat like shit, never workout & STILL DROP WEIGHT ON THE SCALES!!!

(I've secretly hated them out loud. bitches.)

I'm going to give up the scale for 30 days. God help me survive it.

With love & deliciousness~

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