Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIO & Weigh It In Wednesday 2/8/12

It's a little bit late - the pictures are from earlier this week post-workout. Missed my weigh in yesterday but will absolutely get to it today in the afternoon - just as soon as this frosty 60 degree weather warms up a bit.

It's been an interesting week of experimenting with my food intakes. For the past week, I've given over but not gone completely over board with foods I'd been limiting (think: Hot buttered movie theater popcorn, marsh mellows, hopia's) with expectation that I would GAIN weight.

Not so.

-5 lbs.

Which puts me just about EXACTLY where I started nearly a month ago. Scale wise I'm back at the beginning. Tales of the tape have me losing inches in the boobs, arms, waist AND gaining an inch in the ass section (I don't understand that at all!!!).

My body amazes me. My body frustrates me.

When I give it small doses of fats & sugars - it seems to be able to release more fat.

This past week I've added in lower body weights/strengthening which I put off for a very long time because weights scare the sh*t out of me.

I'm doing weighted leg presses (160lbs! ChooHoo! I pat myself on the butt for that one! 10 reps of 3 sets) and sumo squats (20lbs each hand 10 squats/3 sets) and this other thingy called a seated something something where you sit yourself into this thingy & you're doing like sit ups or crunches with weights on your back side (60lbs 10 reps/5 sets).

So all of that is making muscles ache (not hurt) in places I didn't know my ass could ache in.

I'm running faster spurts with less breathlessness. I'm still hovering around a 12 to 13 min mile. I wonder what the hell I was on when I did a mile in 9 minutes 36 secs because I'd love to do that miracle again (which I've been unable to repeat and that timing was pre-holiday season 2011).

The scale is reading lower, the inches are still coming off (I'm losing my boobies! Thank God for double padded bras!) and I'm getting stronger (lifting heavier & longer, running stronger).

I'm not sure what this means for me. My goal isn't so much to drop pounds on the scale or inches on my tape although that's a very nice thing too! It's mostly - this is my true aim - to change my body composition. To change the way it looks, feels & works.

More than being skinny - I want to be strong enough to carry myself effortlessly, fit enough to run with my children and healthy enough to enjoy the grandchildren I have yet to hold.

With love & delicious crazy scales & tapes ~

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