Wednesday, February 15, 2012

WIO & Weigh It In Wednesday 2/15/12

- 1 lbs.

I'm one little pound down from where I was a month ago. I'm undecided if I should laugh at it or cry.

(Bah! I'll take it & thank God for the loss. See? All that jumping up & down yesterday in honor of Valentines Day paid off!)

I've taken a break from running this past week as I've added in the stairs & leg presses & leg squats & leg leg leg stuff. Reverse Lunges are a bitch!

Thank you God that my knees & back are in good shape!

And now the highlight of my week....

It finally happened.

That horrible moment when I'm in a grocery store and some white kid in a cart being pushed by his white skinny mother opens up his mouth and says, "You have a big booboo."

I stopped him in his cart - this honest child of 4 years old and told him, "Yes I do have a big booboo."

His mother pre-occupied with scouting for organic but cheap spaghetti looked at me like I was stupid, so I told her to her face,"Your son just said I have a big booboo."

She stammered and then apologized.
I told her why be sorry? Its true and your son is just stating a fact as he sees it.
She got out of that aisle in a hurry and I could hear her correcting her son from the next isle - telling him that even though it might be true to him it was rude of him to say it out loud to me.

(One would think she would be more concerned about her son speaking to strangers.)

I didn't think it was rude.
And what surprised me is that it didn't hurt my feelings the way I had imagined it would.

It is true. I do have a big booboo that is only emphasized in its full curvy glory by my small-ish waist & almost non-existent booblettes.

I felt sorry for this child & for his mother because in their pre-dominantly white skinny community of Sunset Beach/Haleiwa Beach Park - I (who am of Polynesian descent) appear big & fat & not normal to them. To them & others like them, I could see this in their brown eyes, I'm a big bad brown mad woman.

Watch out!

(racism much or what?)

I wear a size 14/16 jeans, a size Small/Med T-shirt & 36C bra (which I confess to it being double padded).
I'm 5"1 on a good day.
I gotta big booty.
I could put Niki Minaj AND Kimmy K's asses to shame.

That doesn't make me FAT.
What makes me FAT is FAT which in not the same thing as a big booty.

What that does make me is a petite Momma w/a bangin' big booty! Okay so right now my ass is also lopsided as I'm easing my way into lower body strength training.

(Hullo to the steps at the Cannon Center!)

No joke. My ass is lopsided! My left check is smaller & more perkier than my right which is hanging on to its voluptuous curve & squishy-ness.

Who ever heard of such a thing happening as they lose weight & tone up? A lopsided ass? Hahahahaha! All my kids crack up laughing at it. But its good fun. Sim even told me to hop on my right leg 100 times to try to even my bottom out!

(we don't take our bottoms too seriously around here)

Even if I get down to 150lbs - I'm still going to have this ass that hollers!

I know it. But I can't help but wonder if in changing the composition of my body (lowering my body fat %) if just maybe my body will eat my ass up & leave me with a little itsy bitsy bottom & slim hips.

(we all have our delusional fantasies)

I'd like for my bottoms to match my tops instead of it being double away. Like I can wear a size 8 top but I have to have a size 16 bottom.

As for the "You have a big booboo" comment ~ I'm glad it happened, so that I could just get over it. I thought it would hurt wound kill me & it didn't.


Because no matter what size or weight or whatever the world measures me by ~ it doesn't change who I am.

With love & delicious big booboo's~

PS Yes I know since this post was about my ass - I should've included a photo of the ass but my photographer Tafilele was busy going on & on about GhostRider 2 coming out on Friday. Next week, I promise!

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