Wednesday, February 1, 2012

WIO & Weigh It In Wednesday 2/1/12

I didn't make it today for my weigh in.

I did however bust out the measuring tape to see whats up.

I now know EXACTLY where that extra weight is hiding out at. Its on my waist, my hips & my thighs. It's NOT on my boobs which are shrinking. Which sucks. Its like my fat is migrating to where all my fat is already hanging out at!!!

(* in my best sarcastic voice*Kill me already. I don't even want to see the scale any more.)

Where is this fat coming from?????

Mostly its just been a crazy as all hell sort of week. My sister was sick & hospitalized last week. She was in ICU for a couple of days & has been home this week recovering. Our car needed service over the weekend & major repairs are in order. Katzu as you can tell from my previous post left for camp this morning. I had meetings on different ends of the island today too.

Driving here can take hours out of my life! Especially if I have to follow sloooooooooooow tourists who are soaking up the fantastic Hawaiian coastline while driving 10 miles an hour.

I am tired. Even after napping, I'm still tired. De-stressing is a slow process for me.

I'll get on the scale tomorrow & I won't beat myself up when it tells me I've gained weight.
(I say this as I eat a slice of Pizza Hut New Yorker Pizza. Just one slice. and just one chicken wing. No sauce)

Stress it seems can de-rail any weight loss.

I've tried to stick to food logging this past 7 days. But to be honest, I struggled with it. As each situation came up & the piled on - it got harder & harder to stick to eating clean. By Saturday, I was worn out & eating chocolate chip cookies. Sunday I was eating iced oatmeal cookies AND chocolate animal crackers.

That is not good.

By Monday I got a grip on it and had a fantastic punishing work out in the gym. I ran & did weights. Tuesday, same thing. I took today as a No Workout Day since I was busy every damn where. Yesterday I was really pushing it in the weight room. Resting is just as important as Working Out.

I've got it under better control today. No chocolate & no sugar for the past 3 days. Trying to get my sleeping back to regular. Workout scheduled for tomorrow.

Re-setting my mental toughness.

With love & (un)delicious scales & tapes ~

P.S. I didn't want to take my picture for the week because I'm fatter this week & so not cute. But honesty & honor compel me to do it anyway. It's part of my 2012 challenge from my friend Stacey to log a photo of myself each week. So.... here it is:

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