Monday, February 20, 2012

Sometimes being a Mom pays off :Moments of MotherHood 2/20/12

Katzu reading Scriptures after FHE
We were wrapping up our Family Home Evening last Sunday when Katz got his scriptures out & parked himself in front of me.

He started reading from 1 Nephi Chapter 14. And he kept on reading & reading & reading.

I was amazed at this little person who gravitated to scriptures to read & ask questions like why did Nephi's brothers tie him up? Why didn't Heavenly Father just sent a lightening bolt down & zap his brothers for being naughty? Why don't they love their brother?

So many big questions for such a small person.

I.AM.AMAZED that I had anything to do with how this little one is becoming. I am amazed I had anything to do at all with the good men these kids are becoming.

My heart & hands are full of them. I am blessed. Right now I just want to breathe in the goodness of this moment ~ my children are here together, they are healthy, they are happy, we are all well (Never mind my house is dirty & the dishes are piled up in the sink & the counters. I can always clean that up later.)

All three of my boys AND FatsieCakes have been fussing about who is Mommy's Favorite (why do children fuss at such a thing?).

Me & Sim After church Fall 2011

Sim insists he's my favorite because he was born first (as a firstborn too, I've heard that defense before).

Me & Taf @ Kakela Beach Summber 2011

Taf is adamant that he is my favorite because he was born in the middle & like Goldilocks he's not too hot & not too cold but juuuuuuuuuuuuust riiiiiiiiiiiight (no kidding, that's how he put it).

Me & Katz Thanksgiving 2011

Katz tells them he's my favorite because he's my baby (never mind this baby & I are the same height now).

Me & Fatsie Christmas 2011

And while the boys are snapping back & forth with who's Mommy's favorite, FatsieCakes jumps up on my lap and sticks his stinky fishy smelling face up to mine & meows & gives me a kittykiss. Fatsie knows he's my favorite because he's just Fatsie.

So, who's Mommy's Favorite?

They all are. Each of them is my absolute favorite in the whole wide world. I wouldn't ever give them up or over for anything or anyone else. ever.

(except for chocolate. I might give them all up for chocolate. *giggles* just kidding kids!)

With love & delicious favorites~

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