Wednesday, February 29, 2012

So Far, so Good: WIO & Weigh it In

Spinach & Strawberries & Grapes & Romaine Lettuce & Feta crumbles in a balsamic vinagrette

See that salad up there? It goes down as the bestest salad I ever ate. EVER. It totally put to shame my previous bestest salad from Zippys (the tossed greens w/miso soy dressing).

I had that fabulous salad last night at Katzu's Blue & Gold CubScout banquet. I'm telling ya ~ I am doing my best to track the mother down that made it & get her recipe!

Who knew I'd find such a culinary delicious-ness at a CubScout activity? Goes to show, one never knows where good stuff will show up at!

(I'll be sure to attend scouting activities more faithfully from now on since salads are on the refreshment list!)

Now, down to business... I've been on the 1500 cal/100 grms Protein plan for a week now. So how'd it go?


That puts me -5lbs where I was a week ago. Which is okay good. I am not going to get excited about this weight loss until next week Wednesday's weigh in. If the weight keeps coming off, then I'll feel more confident that this whole eating clean & upping my protein counts is working for me.

(The scale & I have NOT had a pleasant working relationship in the past, so I don't expect that it will be any kinder to me now.)

I have not had a donut since Fat Tuesday. I also have not had any mayo, butter or chocolate either. It's not so bad. Things that I thought had butter - don't. Most of the breads I'm eating have vegetable oil as the lubricant. I'm not adding mayo to anything I eat & am careful to look at what I order before I eat it. Avoiding chocolate has been easier than avoiding mayo & butter.

Part of what's helping me to really stick to eating clean(er) is this little gift from my niece. I wear the bracelet on my left hand. (She gave it to me as part of their DrugFree program last week. Although its original intent is to remind children that they will NOT EVEN ONCE try Meth/Crack/Drugs, it's helping me to remember - Not Even Once will I break faith from my goal to get healthier!)

My clothes feel bigger & loser. That dress in the pic below is a StyleCo Size 14P. I absolutely could not fit that dress 3 1/2 years ago. I couldn't get it over my neckline. It fit me well 2 years ago. Yesterday, it was too loose in the caboose!

I can finally get my ring (size 7) on to my right hand ring finger without it cutting off the circulation & needing a wrench to get off. It falls off of my left ring finger. (maybe that's a sign?no bueno to the married-oh?)

Fitness wise, I'm pushing more weights. The seated Bench Press is 100lbs. I can't remember the #'s on the other weight lifts. This past week was tough for me in the cardio area. I struggled to nail my miles, walking some of it, biking some it & running some of it. Most of the set back is mental. I can't run 3.5 miles in 35 minutes. Hell, I could barely squeak a 1 miler in 16 minutes this week.

That's just crazy & frustrating. I want to kick the treadmill & stomp it into the damn ground. I've taken 2 days out from weights & cardio to re-set myself. I did some push ups rows w/dumb bells & lunges at home but no serious hard training.

I have been tired this past week. The workouts leave me wiped out. The reduced caloric intake coupled with higher pounds & reps in the weight room made me take note of the fatigue that wasn't there before. I am 5 for 7 days of vitamin & supplements.

(We'll see how this plays out in the upcoming week)

Changing ones body composition is tough slow work.

Tomorrow I start on the Get Fit 100 Challenge with my good buddies from the GET FIT group. The basic premise is to commit to a nutritional & fitness goal for the next 100 days. My 1500 Cal/100 grms Protein Plan still goes on until August 11. Instead of ending my Lent sacrifices on April 7th, I'll end it on June 7th when the Get Fit 100 days are done.

The big challenge for me will be 100 miles in 100 days for $100.00 AND 100 Squats/Lunges/Burpees a week until June 7th. I've worked it out in my head how to do this. Since Sundays are my designated rest days - that leaves me Monday to Friday (Saturday is my alternate day) to spread out my miles/squats/lunges/burpees.

March 1st will look like this in the AM: run 1 mile: 10 squats : 10 lunges forward, 10 lunges reverse: 10 Burpees. 20 minutes in the weight room lower body strength training. In the PM: walk 1 mile: 10 squats:10 Burpees.

I'm getting dizzy just writing it down. Thinking about it is starting to get scary. That's okay. Like all things relevant to me ... I take it in small doses, one step at a time, one bite at a time, one day at a time. I just focus on the task at foot right now, which is to run 1 mile a day.

With love & delicious challenges ahead~

P.S. The photo on the top was taking 04/19/2008. I'm not at my highest weight in that picture. My highest weight was still 60+ pounds from what I was on the day that was taken. The bottom 2 photos are from yesterday - which also keeps up with my weekly photo post for Stacey. (Thank You Stacey for the inspiration & the challenge!)

P.S.S. See those fabulous Coconut & Jade earrings in the bottom photo? Those are one of a kind handmade earrings made by my dear friend & jeweler Monique Solofa of YOUnique Jewelery. They are fabulously beautiful & you'll never see anyone wearing one like the ones she designs!

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