Monday, February 13, 2012

Family Farming: Moment of MotherHood 2/13/12

Farming is so much Fun!
This is Mother Hubbard's farm.

Mother expects that on Saturday mornings all the wee little beasties will get themselves out of bed, load up their tools into the truck & get themselves to the farm to pull weeds & plant plants that we will eat this summer.

The farm however has different ideas. Weeds grow like well... weeds. Our tender little plants of sweet potatoes, papaya, bananas & taro require nurturing & babying. Lots of mothering in order to thrive.

Farming is NOT for the impatient, the selfish or the reckless. It is not for those who are in a hurry or who need immediate gratification. And it is especially not for those who have no respect or gratitude for the gifts our Earth returns to us when we care for it.

Farming is for those who need to understand that God has His own time, that plants have their own clock telling them when to sprout, to grow & to yield fruits. You can't make it grow faster than it was created too without messing with it in a not good way.

So we're farmers. We farm. Some days it feels like all we're farming are weeds & weeds & more weeds. Some day it feels like finally the little sprouts are sprouting! We're kinda like real farmers.

We're not using any chemical fertilizers or weed killers or any of that. We decided to go 100% organic with our farm. We're cutting the tall cow grass so it can dry out like straw to cover our plants, we're pulling weeds by hand instead of tossing chemicals on it. We're digging up invasive plants that are sucking up precious nutrients.

(For those of my friends & family in Samoa, who are blahblah'ing me waxing philosophical about working a plantation (which is really what this farm is) you remember me right? The girl who never worked a plantation or pulled a weed or broke a sweat digging a nothing? Yeah. And now that I don't live in Samoa - I've decided I'm a farmer & farming is pretty cool! I wish I'd learned how satisfying it is to work in the dirt under the hot sun. If I knew then what I know now - I would've done it all much sooner!)

We're still learning how to maximize the land we've been allotted (which is HUGE) so that we can grow enough produce to support our family. I actually have a hand drawn sketch of what will go where so we can get good crop return.

Even if our crops don't come out the way we expected, we're farming as a family and that's something my children are always going to remember. Some crops we plant, so that we can eat now. Some crops we plant now, so that our children & their children will eat far into the future.

With love & delicious farmin'~

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