Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Changing: WIO & Weight It In Wednesday 2/22/12

First the good news...
-0lbs lost or gained in this past week!

This is semi-miraculous considering this past week was filled with onion hopias, black bean hopias, a couple of squares of grilled buttery cornbread & Smuckers Strawberry Jam, Simz amazing triple chocolate brownies, 2 hand sized homemade they used real butter chocolate chip cookies, a couple of XL extra butter please bags of movie theater popcorn, a couple of cans of reduced fat Pringles, a peanut butter & jelly sandwich before bed every night, a Jr. Bacon burger from JackIntheBox with 2 buttermilk sauces AND a couple slices of extra cheesy pepperoni pizzas from PizzaHut.

Oh! and I forgot a sprinkled chocolate donut last Saturday and a cream filled long john donut last night in celebration of Fat Tuesday.

There. I think I got all the junks down.
(I've been experimenting with food this past week)

I also worked out hard 5 out of 7 days for 90 minutes. 45 minutes in the cardio room. 45 minutes in the weight room.

And now the kinda good news...

Starting today and for the next 6 months, I'm transitioning into a new kind of lifestyle that I've been chasing after for the past 2 years. I want to bring my weight down & build up muscle so that I can run hard & long.

To accomplish those markers I've set for my self:

I've begun my 1500 calorie meal plans, which I'm also working with a Nutritionist on so that I can stay healthy & drop the weight & gain muscle. This is so that I do not repeat having my hair fall out in big handfuls & clumps like it did a couple years ago.
(I also cut all my hair off so that if it does fall out, I'm going BALD)

I've dredged my food log back out from the pile of books it was under last week. I've planning ahead by three days what I will eat, when I will eat it & how.
(I see a lot of baked, broiled, boiled or steamed in my future!)

I'm still taking my 2 mutli-vitamins, B1 & B12 once a day per doctors orders.
(Dr. Socks ~ you're some kinda awesome. Kinda weird but awesome)

I've upped my protein counts from 25grms a day to 100 grms.

I'm seeing a Psychologist to work through my emotional food issues.
(Hullo! Food is not my friend. Food is fuel. Food does not hug me. Friends hug me. Food is not my friend. Food is also NOT an acceptable substitute for having or not having friends)

So far the only person missing from my health team is a Personal Trainer.
(Anyone wanna volunteer?)

My fierce moment of today? Going to the weight room & pumping 100lbs in a seated bench press. I had to call Sim over to witness the event! After much rolling of his eyeballs, he gave me a thumbs up & went back to his own workout.

I'm telling y'all... that is some kinda wonderful right there when you're pushing a weight level you haven't ever been at before & your about ready to drop but you don't. You keep on going.

I can do it. That's the best gift I can give myself.
And Thank You friends for being my friends because food is just food but good friends make it all easier to ride it out!

With love & delicious new changes~

PS. I've been told by the boys that I am NEVER to wear that dress out of the house ever. It's a Chapwicks Dress Size 14. As you can see, it hugs all of my curves! Ha! Well, I didn't wear it out. I just took a picture of me in it & then sent it out to everyone! Hahahahahahaha! See, boys? You 3 are NOT the BOSS of Mommy! Y'all can boss me around when I'm 97years old & maybe not even then! Ha!

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