Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Work it Out & Weigh In Wednesday

First an APOLOGY...

I'm sorry to be sending you a picture of my ass.

I know. Its a lot to wake up to on a Wednesday morning. I should know - I wake up with it every day.

I hate that I have such a curvy ass. I really do. (Yes I know that its an ass that has fueled many a male fantasy & filled the nightmares of quite a few other men )

But (no pun intended) I hate that its so big & out there!

I want it gone. Or at least diminished to a size more appropriate to my proportions. Meaning: I want my bottoms to be in the same zip code as my tops!

I've heard it all before - I should be thankful for the curves God gave me & I am thankful for them. I just no longer want them to be as curvy or out there as they are. Men love curvy booties. As if. There is only one man who I want who's opinion counts & last time I checked Jesus said he was just fine with my ass. ( Gasp! Did I say Jesus? I meant Moroni. Or one of the 2 thousand stripling warriors. Or Alma. Younger or Older or whichever)

Whatever. I just want it smaller.

So I am sorry to preface your morning with my ass!


Wednesdays are going to be my Work It Out & Weigh It In days. Every Wednesday - I'll post whats going on in my fitness vs. fatness fight. Because it is a fight.

Today I headed for the gym & by default the digital scale. I won't lie to you & tell you that I didn't say a big prayer before I got on. I did pray & write down an affirmation before I stepped to it.

Are you ready?

It said 2_4lbs. YES! I had actually managed to drop some weight during the 2 week break from the gym. I am relieved.

And then I realized something that's been circling around my head for a couple of weeks.

I have Fat Paranoia. I absolutely will not ever be fatter than what I was ever again. I've worked too hard. I've suffered too long. I've earned this strong body. I refuse to lose it to fatness. I will not ever again be that FatGirl who can't fit into a public bathroom stall & has to use the handicapped one.

Marlon asked me  "why you are curious about this challenge and/or what you would like to achieve with our group?" (in terms of fitness). Three days later, I'm still thinking about his questions. What I wrote back to him a few minutes ago was I want to get fit. I want to be strong. Basically I want to be able to climb a coconut tree like that guy did in Other Side of Heaven. To do that you have to be strong, agile & flexible.

(Yes I know, I have such practical fitness goals:climb coconut trees, haul bunches of banana's, walk 15 miles a day. What's the use of building a strong body if you don't use it for good working things? My body is not a decoration! It must do its job! Picking my own coconuts is just one example of making strong work for me. I am a farmer remember? Farming is tough work. Those banana's aren't going to just jump off the tree & hop into my truck. Neither are the papayas or the taro or the kumalas.)

I'm happy to add in that I didn't lose much in the weight room either. I've finally moved off the crybaby weights (10lbs) and on to baby weights (20lbs). No aches or pains. Just a lot of sweat though. Which is a good thing.

Now I just have to work on cleaning up my eating!

With love & delicious weigh in's & work outs~

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