Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WIO & Weigh It In Wednesday 1/25/12


the scale lives to tattle on me another day!

Last week was tough with a +4 gain.

Today, I was holding my breath in that the scale would be kind to me & give me what I wanted.

After all I'm back to Food Logging & being more consciences about what I put in my mouth/body/mind/soul/life.

That damn scale had better read a minus!

(I laugh but really I was going to bash it in if it didn't at least tell me I lost one pound)

Today is Day 3 of no chocolate. The crazies for chocolate have subsided as have the severe crazies for sugar. I can manage to still think & walk & breathe without desperately wanting chocolate or something sweet or fatty or salty or something!

Proof? There's still half a Red Velvet cake sitting in my fridge - I didn't even attempt to lick the frosting off the cover! And I got that cake yesterday.

(Yay Me!)

Food Logging is still a tedious bitch of a chore. BUT its also showing me in my own handwriting where my patterns of eating really need work.

For instance, on most days I don't actually EAT a breakfast until 10am. Which isn't too smart considering that I am up at 5:45am. So what am I doing with all that time? I'm drinking water or herbal tea or Crystal Lite.

Mornings are busy times getting children ready for school, checking emails, facebooking, twittering, writing, showering, thinking lovely thoughts about how I'm going to be a force of good during the day & making sure my gear is packed & ready to hit the gym by 8am.

What I usually have for breakfast when I do get to it ... is a protein shake.

My Protein Shake Recipe:

1/3 cup of dried fat free/skim milk
3 cups of water

mix it up & microwave it for 1:30 min on high.

Stir in 1 scoop of BodyFortress Strawberry Protein Powder. Keep stirring until its blended in well. Drink while its hot.

And that's my breakfast. 200 calories, 2.5 grms of fat & 35 grms of protein 24 oz of fluid.

Before noon, I'll already have downed my first gallon of water & working on the second gallon.

How do I keep track of all the water I drink? I have a 25 oz water bottle on me at all times. every time. I'm never without it. ever.

I'm trying to get myself back in to the habit of eating every 3 hours. Even when I am not hungry, so that I don't ever get the crazy hungers (you know the hungers where you grab anything & stick it in your face kind of hungers). I'm also back to monitoring why I am eating what I do. (Like that time frame where I consoling myself with Cheetos because I was feeling guilty/crappy/angry at situations involving certain people. That's just not cool!)

I'm really paying attention to my self because I like me. That's not conceit - that's healthy. I like me, I take care of me, I give me the good things I need to keep on keeping on because I deserve it & I earn it every day that I show up & move forward.

With love & delicious scale jumping~

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