Monday, January 2, 2012

Ti for Tuesday

Ti Leaves

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to share conversations & kokosamoa (along with bread & butter!Yummy!) at the home of a friend whom I only visit with once a year.

These women have been on my mind for the greater part of the past two weeks. They are as individuals - fantastic smart spiritual women of faith. As a group - they are fierce & feisty! I feel incredibly blessed to have been in the right place & the right time to be there.

One sister took out her endowments less than six months ago - she waited for most of her life to reach this point where her understanding of the Gospel got to a point where she couldn't wait a moment more to learn more about where we came from, where we are & where we are going too.

In a world where sarcasm is the du jour & many have no hope of life after this life - her faith is wonderful to behold. Her spirit shines! and I am warmed by it.

Another sister re-discovered her faith after years away from it. A woman who has traveled some very hard & deviled roads, she is also bright & loving & kind. She told me once that the only way she could escape the drags of a former relationship was through the gift of love from our Savior Jesus Christ. As someone who knew her while she battled with that relationship and can see she where she is now - the love our Savior shows us is great indeed.

We talked from the late hours of night until the first light of the new day came up. We talked about healing: spiritual & emotional & mental & physical healings. We talked about the journeys that each of us has taken to become who we are in this time.

I feel blessed & privileged to know these women. To hear their testimonies of God & Gospel reverberated in their works & warmth for one another & others they don't already know. I love how they don't have time to waste on the little things: they are to busy living & loving to worry about what the Joneses are doing or thinking or saying. It just doesn't damn matter to them.

(It also just doesn't damn matter to me either.)

I think about all the women I know & I wonder do they know that I know they are the kind of sisters in the gospel that don't bother to ask Have I done any Good in the world today? They all just get it done & keep on keeping on getting it done. It does not matter if they are members or not or even members in good standing. They are good women of faith.

That isn't to say that any of these women are saints - only that they are working on becoming Christ-like.

I like how human they are in their living testimonies. I love how they are humble hardworking pliant women. I absolutely love that their faith in the Gospel does NOT preclude them from having a grand sense of humor about subjects most other sisters would be personally offended by.

Such as the humor derived from other sisters putting on the drama in Relief Society or the wanna-be Oscar Award Actresses that snot cry in the mic on Fast & Testimony Sacrament Meetings or dare I say it? The Sunday Mormons who spent Friday & Saturday nights at the bars & bus stops & porking their neighbors wife/husband but are wheezing out scriptures & sulfur regardless.

God Bless us all!

As I am fond of saying (and reminding myself constantly) the plan of Salvation wasn't invented for the perfected saints. It was necessary for those of us - like me - who are here to learn & prove that I can live by faith. In order to have faith, you have to have trials... and as I am learning, faith proceeds the miracle.


Here's to new adventures in faith building!

With love & delicious faith~

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