Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012!

SIm & Taf @ Malaekahana Beach in Kahuku, Hawaii

I just absolutely love Mondays - especially when its a holiday Monday AND the sun is shining!

It's the first Monday of the new year & I'm excited about all the good things that are headed my way.

Excited about the adventures I'll be undertaking: a 90 fitness challenge with my new friend Marvon, an attend the temple once a week challenge thanks to Apostle Somebodyortheother, a 23 day Frugal Living challenge with my frugal buddies over at Frugal Living & a host of other challenges that I'm getting my claws into.

(Can we just say January 2012 is looking to be a challenging month?)

I'm excited to be getting my stuff written & published this year. I've got short stories & essays & more blogs on tap to be published & printed. I've got more food adventures that I'll be photographing & writing about. So we will all salivate together! (Just say YUMMY!)

I'm excited to be reading & researching more Polynesian literature & legends & folklore. Lots of interesting material out there. Just wrapped up reading Samoan Medicinal Plants by Whistler. Interesting reading. What's interesting about it? The perspective of someone outside of our culture & blood looking in on us & our traditions & writing on it.

I'm excited for the new friends I've made & the discoveries I'll make in developing our friendships. Welcome, New Friends!!! (and Thank YOU to my continuing friends. You've made the journey here so much more fun than if I had to do it alone!)

I'm excited to be with my children this year. (Well, I'm excited to be with them any day of any year!) We have an outline of adventures we'd like to experience as a family: One of those is farming, another is hiking, another is more baking & cooking together. Getting healthier physically & mentally & emotionally & spiritually is something we always endeavor towards as a family & as individuals.

Our adventures never end & that's a good thing.

With love & delicious adventures ~

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