Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thank You

Today is Thanksgiving & as my family & I crowd into our kitchen to pile our plates with heaping servings of turkey, cranberries & assorted yummilicious foods & then search for where ever we can find space to squeeze into - we want to share our gratitude with you.

Our table is filled with food & laughter & music & children & family. I am blessed. This year has been kind to us.

Our turkey

Thank you for being here with us.
Thank you for sharing your love & prayers & good wishes with us this past year.
Thank you to our friends new & old for your delicious thoughts & feelings.
Thank you especially for trusting us with the things that have humbled & hurt you.
Thank you to our military families who sacrifice for us.
Thank you to all the people giving up their time/food/clothes so others can have this holiday.

We love you. Yes YOU. We love you.

We pray for your well being & thank God for the things He's put in your way to bring you closer to Him.

My children & I thank God for all the delicious things He's put on us this year. We thank Him that we have each other this holiday season when we know others that we love are without their loved ones. We thank Him for the food we are blessed to partake of each day, the home that shelters us, the vehicles that transport us to work & school. We thank Him for the people He's brought into our lives & for the people He's helped out of our lives.

We thank Him for a house full of love & laughter & that we have more people than chairs this season.
God is good to us. We thank Him for it all.

Our family @ the Laie Temple August 2011

With love & blessing to you & yours this Thanksgiving~

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