Friday, November 4, 2011

Somewhere over the Rainbow

Double Rainbow over the H-1 to Waianae
I've had this photo for a few weeks now. I keep coming back to it ~ waiting for the writing that belongs to it to magically appear.

But it hasn't. The words that come when I open this in draft are not the ones I want to print. They are too sad for me. And today? I am a long way away from sad.

The day I took this shot, my sister & I were on our way to family court. Not for anything big. She had a case come through she needed to appear at on behalf of the state. I tagged along for the ride. Family Court in Kapolei is an interesting place.

Family Court Room
For as many lives & families that are brought together & taken apart in this building - it has an almost antiseptic hospital feel. Clean in a we bleached to crap out of it sort of way. It doesn't have the soul of a building that has breathed. Perhaps that's because its so very new.

View from 3rd floor Family Court Room

The home my children & I live in now has a beautiful home feel to it. It's an older home with love in its walls & laughter in its floors. There is a wonderful bubbly grounded happiness & joy in this home. There are no dark spots or dark corners in this home. The structure itself has peace in it. There is no contention in its bones. It truly is a home and not just a house.

I am so grateful for it & constantly ask God to bless our landlords for the goodness they left in their home. They are such good people. 

But back to the rainbow... because I live in Hawaii, seeing rainbows is an almost every day occurrence. For many of the visitors here, a rainbow is so startling to them behold they don't know if they should cry or gasp or keep on surfing. 

I was 9 the first time I saw a Moonbow. My cousins & I decided to play a game of night time tag while the adults were having their big meeting at my Grams house in Carson, California. 

Run run run tag your it and then it started sprinkling & my cousin told me to look up at the full moon.

Breathless, I stopped & looked up.
"Look Luce! That's so cool!"

I had no words. Just the sight of the shimmering moonbow like an eyeball in the night sky with pastel eyeshadow painted across it. I remember thinking,"Oh God! Are you spying on me?"

And we all of us ooooh!'d and ahhhhhhhh'd it for about 10 seconds.

Then we got back to our game of tag & screaming & yelling until my Grams witch of a neighbor Gladys (God Bless her un-dearly departed grouchy soul) called my Grams up to complain we were making too much noise for her precious dogs to sleep.

With love & delicious rainbows~

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