Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More than my ...

Me & Tafi

I am more than my hair.
I know I am.

I'd better be more than my hair or I'd be very disappointed in me. After all, its just hair damn it. I can BUY fake hair at the store now if I want too. (apparently so can everyone else these days)

After all the women's lib and independent forward thinking that I do - to be brought low by my hair?
That's just...
well that's just almost inconceivable.

Except for that well...
I'm still human you know. And I'm still a woman. And this is my hair!

*sigh* I grudgingly admit my hair & I have an 'interesting' relationship going on.

My Ex before the EX seemed to understand this hair thingy much better than I did. After each & every nasty tear filled screaming argument, his first question before even saying Hey Honey! was

"What color is your hair AND God please tell me you didn't cut it?"


Oh yes I did & you know what? I'm pretty sure you did too at some point in your life where you just got sick & damned tired of the man & his nonsense about long luxurious hair. And out popped the big kitchen kill the chicken with it shears.

If you are a mature person in possession of a mature personality, that's the point where you put the chicken shears back in the drawer & run like the hell to the nearest salon to beg a certified hairstylists to cut it for you.

Even when the salon artiste is ready to cry because she has to cut it - you tell her either you cut this damn hair off or I'm going home to get those f*c*ing scissors & do it myself.

(I have not always been that mature or patient.)

What is it with men & long hair? And not just any long hair!

They want that long soft healthy bouncy shiny wrap their damn fists in it hair. They want it long & straight. They want it long & curly. They want it long - like down your back past your ass kinda long. They want that kinda hair that when they stick their faces in it and inhale that Suave Strawberry scent that I guess makes them go a little nuts.

Well? Now its not that long. In fact its pretty damn short! Guess what? You can stick your snout at the back of my neck and inhale that good clean hair free smell of yellow Lux soap.

I grew my hair out the past 3 years because I wanted my EX (yes that EX) to see how beautiful I am with long hair. It got long down my back & then I'd trim it a bit. Not too much. I kept my hair out of pure vanity - I wanted it long so some man could run his fingers in it & say ooooohhhhhh....

Well some man didn't happen. Neither did any man or that man or even whatta man. There's just no damn man for me right now. (Which is my choice not circumstance just in case you're wondering) Life continues ~ man or no man! (I'm laughing because I'm sure you feel sorry for me since I have no man. How can I possibly even breathe without one? I should be dead already.)

And that means what the hell am I holding on to all this hair for? I don't like long hair. Its hot, is heavy, its thick. I got that big Samoan kinda hair that once set free from its confines - that big hair is BOSS!

So I cut it yesterday. Oh yes I did. I cut it & set my inner mullet free.

With love & delicious haircutting~

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  1. Is this the funny you were referring to? I LOVE IT! It is so sassy! :) I cracked up at

    "where you just got sick & damned tired of the man & his nonsense about long luxurious hair. And out popped the big kitchen kill the chicken with it shears."

    except I chopped that baby after every relationship! I would regret it after because shorter hair is so much harder to maintain than longer hair (you can't put the darn thing up in a bun when it's short).

    I met Rob when I had very short hair. Did I ever tell you that? Right below my ears with red streaks. He thought it was cute. Course two years later when I got sick of mucking around with my long hair, I told him I wanted short hair again. "No! Don't cut it! I like it long! Leave it!" O_o

    I'll tell you what's funny tho. Sitting at my office desk with my hair down (because I couldn't find anything to put it up with) and really, really wanting to feel (and hear) a pair of scissors go through the thick thing!


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