Thursday, November 17, 2011

The ManCode from a Woman

Good Man!
You want to have a good woman?
The kind that doesn't cheat on you with all your hommies?
The one that has your back? The one that has eyes only for you?

Then be a Good Man.

To be a Good Man is rather simple.

Here's the rules:
1) Don't be a dickhead.
2) Don't be an asshole.
3) Don't be a bitch.
4) Don't be fooled by bitches either.

What this means is that if your ass got played its because you were thinking you could play it.
Every single player gets played out eventually. That's just the way it works.
If you don't want to get played out, don't play.

And if you're a good man getting played out by a bad woman - ask yourself why in the hell you picked her in the first place. Because YOU PICKED HER. No body forced you to tap that ass & get you a little sumsum. You wanted to get a little taste of what all the other guys get. You wanted to show all the other big dogs on the corner that you - yes good nerdy churchgoing YOU- could score a hot prime piece of sass.


Have you paid enough for it yet? Do you feel used & abused? Have you hurt enough yet?

Good for you. Now learn your damn lesson & pass on the bitches & hoe's & little girls & focus on what you really want. A Good Woman.

A good God fearing woman who knows who she is & isn't waiting for your money to make her secure. She's already secure in herself. She not only knows who she is, she isn't going to take advantage of where she comes from to get ahead. She's already there. She's the woman who when you're freehand rockwall climbing up a sheer face - you thank God that she's the one spotting for you & climbing with you because she can and will hold her own. You don't have to worry about her - although you'd better anyway because she's yours AND you're a good man- She's the kinda gal that handle it.

Not every male is cut out for a woman like this. They may think that's what they want & then they pull little bitty boy antics that prove they aren't as ready as they thought they were. A Good Woman knows when to send the little boys back to the sandbox & keep on going. No hard feelin's & especially no slashing of tires or sugaring the gas tanks or cutting up the clothes. She just lets it go with goodness. She also lets it go with finality. The second second second chances are done.

She knows that the universe with take care of you & all the hurt you've inflicted on her can't compare to the hurt you've done to yourself.

I know Good Women like this. They are strong, smart, sexy women. They're educated, intelligent, spiritual women. They have layers & layers of love & power in them. They are fearless & funny all in the same breath. They are also single at the moment because there is a precious shortage of Good Men out there in the world.

It isn't a lie to say there aren't very many good men left in our generation.
Where are they? Jail. Homeless. Un-Godly. Whoring. Married. Dead. Gay. Damaged by Divorce. Addicted  to substances. Trolling the internet. Still trying to get over their Ex. Waiting for Miss Perfect.

And if by God you're a bad man preying on the love of a good woman because you're just predatory & that kind of hunt gives you joy - I hope your... well, I'd better not say it.

I hope that you shape up & get Good soon.

With love & delicious Man-Codes,

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  1. Wanna hear an amazing thing? The old me would've been bitter about this post. Now, I just smile. ;)


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