Thursday, January 5, 2012

KennaNoa's Brownies

KennaNoa is my babygirl. She is fearless. She is smart. She is unapologetic about loving her life. She wakes up excited to get into things & see what everyone is up too. She is bossy. She is demanding. If she doesn't like something - she says so. She loves to dance & again - be bossy.

You can see immediately why her & I get a long so very well.

We have a story about KennaNoa that sums her up nicely. When she was still just a little bun in the oven, her Mum went to the OB-GYN to get an ultrasound done her. Just to make sure things were nice & progressing smoothly.

My sister & I spent a good 20 minutes cracking jokes about her husband (who I do love very dearly!) when the tech stepped into do the ultrasound, we were still laughing. KennaNoa's first picture to the world looks like this:

and we laughed with her. Then the tech said she had to move KennaNoa around to get some other shots. KennaNoa did not like this & so the next shot of her looked like this:

Nothing the tech did would move her so she could get the other measurements done.

KennaNoa was done. Which means - all anyone is going to get from her is her ass.

Again, can you see why her & I get a long so very well?

KennaNoa & the pretend Belle
Now that KennaNoa is here, its all too easy for me to see how that episode was just the barest glimpse of her personality. She is an old soul in a new body. This should be a very interesting experience for her!

(disclaimer: She isn't really MY babygirl. She's on loan to me from her parents, who were lucky enough to have her instead of me. But she's mine. She's my heart. My little mini-me.)

KennaNoa (EttaAnna Stinky Pants Princess SnowWhite) is one of the reasons I get up every day & smile & look for the morning sun. Mostly because I know, where ever she is at that same moment ~ she is probably laughing or yelling her head off or chasing her dog Sparky across the house. She fills up all the little & big places in my heart. She loves me just as I am: fat or skinny, ugly or uglier, naughty or nice. She has no expectations of me other than to be ~ how awesome is that?

I talk to her nearly every day. We talk about food & princesses. She tells me she made me cookies or brownies but because I live so far away - she ate them for me too.

She's having fun living & loving. Life is good when you're three!

Her most favorite thing to eat? Brownies. Lovely chocolate-y chewey brownies.

Once she even hid her stash of brownies behind the couch - or so I'm told. I wouldn't be surprised though. As the youngest grandchild - she's had to fend for herself!

Here is KennaNoa's Bestest Brownies Ever recipe:

Ghirardelli Chocolate Triple Chocolate Brownie Mix
prepared as directed on the box.

Sometimes we add in walnuts. Generally we just leave it alone.

With love & delicious brownies~

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