Thursday, November 10, 2011

How wrong do you have to be to be right?

Flowers that  make me happy 
There are few times in my life when I can't tell you why I think something is wrong.
I can only tell you that it is wrong.
That something in the mix does not sing right to me.

There is a thing that has been brewing that doesn't sing right to me ~ as if the tonal quality of it is off key.

Let me explain.

When I was a child one of my father's many talents was that he also tuned pianos. He did this as a learned skill to provide for his family as well as he felt the sound in a piano string was tuned properly - not just when the LED circle blinked in sync but when he struck the tuning fork & the note sang true.

That's what I'm talking about.
(Perhaps you could call it my internal bullshit alarm/radar/monitor)

Someone has done a something that doesn't quite ring right to me. I can't place the not right about it. I can't even tell you how very close to sounding like the right thing that it is. But it just absolutely does not sing right to me.

And nothing any one says or does will convince me that what's been done and what's being done is right.
Because it isn't right.
It just isn't right.

Maybe not today and most likely not tomorrow but some day down in the wanderings ~ you'll look back at that & see what I'm talking about. And what will you be able to do but cry your I'm sorries out & wish you could take it back & pray for forgiveness?

I'm Sorry can not undo the damage. Or rewind time. Or make it better. Admit it, sometimes the only person that saying I'm Sorry makes feel better is you.

Some things like doing things just to prove me wrong aren't worth the price. Because this? This isn't about me. This is about you. You. Not me. You.

Part of growing up is the literal taking of responsibility for our actions AND the eventual consequences that originate from it. What's done is done.

The good we give is the good we get. Gifts given with a clean heart return a hundred fold on the investment. Gifts given with strings are the threads in the rope that form the noose around our necks.

“In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

I want you to remember that if I was ever your friend, I was never silent for you or on your behalf. We don't have to agree on anything or everything or nothing. But when every one else was perfectly content to kiss your ass & tell you it's all good when they knew damned well that it wasn't, I was not silent. Ever.

So I'm telling you now that I don't agree with what you've done. I can not & will not condone it. I am not going to lend my energy in support of it. I believe it is wrong in a way I can't explain except for to tell you that it does not sing right to me. Even if everyone else on the planet tells me that its right - I know in my soul that it is not & I want no part of it.

It is what it is. Let us leave it at that & remain as we are: friends.

With love & deliciousness un-quantified~

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