Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Russell

Who Me? Yes Me! It's my birthday today!

Today is my nephew Russell's 13th birthday. He'd be mortified to know that I have baby pictures of him on my blog for the whole world to see!
3 days old

(Oh yes. I am that kinda Aunty! Yay! Happy Birthday Russell!)

Although I made all my sisters Aunties - it wasn't until Russell's arrival that I became The Aunty! and wow! did I sure love being an Aunty.

I often say if Russ hadn't been so damn cute, I wouldn't have succumbed to baby fever & went out & made my own baby! (Tafilele thanks you by the way!)

When my sister & brother in law let our family know that they were expecting a happy blessing soon - we were all of us, excited & nervous. It's been 6 years since Simalei was born. We were all of us - ready for a new baby to join our fun!

The night before Russell was born, my sister & I were sitting in our family living room with my parents joking about life. She decided to eat my bowl of chili & I told her - you're gonna give yourself indigestion!

What it gave her instead was heartburn that was really labor!

My dad called me at work later that morning to let me know that Russell had made his debut & to please stop off at Laufou to pick up some nice baby things for the new baby & food for the new mama. (I remember telling my then boss who shall not be named least he sue me for any number of imagined offenses - that I was leaving immediately for a family emergency. I love it how one can do that when employed in Samoa!)

When I got to the hospital & I saw him for the first time - I couldn't get over how WHITE he was & how cherry red his lips were. He was like a little Snow White! (I know Russ - you're cringing but as your Aunty it's my duty to embarrass you like this!)

Russell is special to me because he's such a stalwart soul. Really. There is right & then there is Russell. He's stayed solid throughout so very many trying times in his young life. He's been his Mother's rock & his Father's testimony. He's been his sister Robyna's best friend & his younger brother Kajey's trailblazer. He's been KennaNoa's cuddly bear & protector. So very many things on such young & capable shoulders. He keeps on going when other's are ready to sit down & cry. He has an incredible faith that everything is in God's capable hands, so what are we so worried for? I love it.

I love you Russell. The best is yet to come for all of us.

With love & Delicious Happy Birthday Wishes,

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