Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Feelin' like a Woman

My favorite flowers in my favorite colors

"I'm just tired of being fat. When I hug my husband, I feel like I'm a man because I'm bigger than he is. Y'know?"

"I feel girly with long curly hair so he can run his hands in them."

"I feel like a girl when I have lipstick & gloss on, so he can kiss my lips."

But really?
those are things, expressions of the girl we feel we are
but what really makes us feel like a Woman?

For me ~ it is ~ I admit ~ a man. Yes, more than a frilly dress, a pair of expensive shoes, a new hairdo AND a mani-pedi... a Man makes me feel like a woman.

Image used w/subjects full permission (P.S. Yes He does have shorts on.)
(This man used to do it for me. No groans & rolling of the eyeballs please! He's very good at doing the Man thing in small doses for small girls. Big girls & Women? Not so much. Until he felt diminished by my very being , existence, breathing living ~ life was good. Too much woMAN I think was the accusation. Oh well. We live & then if we're lucky - we learn & move on from it. I should send him a thank you this Thanksgiving.)

A Man makes me feel like I am a Woman. He doesn't make me one, I just feel more like one when I'm in the airspace of one. It doesn't matter if I'm fat(ter) or not, long hair or short... He just does it.

What really sucks is when a guy is a pretender impersonator of a Man. You know the one... he's all on it & shiny with the new-ness of his Manliness & then fails to maintain that kind of Man fierceness & then he puts the blame on you for his lack of ManCat. Like a deflated balloon - even if you attempt to blow it again, it just doesn't ever achieve the same suppleness.

A Man is in charge of himself, his car, his wallet, his mind & please God - in charge of his life. He is not held hostage by the need to impress a group of boys with his bulging muscles, his pimped out car or his fat bank. He is especially not held prisoner by materialistic wants & false impressions of success. He has already learned that knowledge & wisdom are not the same thing. He is a man who has honor & pride in being right with himself & the world but especially with his God.

He is a Man without excuses. He just DOES what he does and damn everyone else who gets in his way. Or better yet, get out of his way. Because this kind of a man, has places to go & people to see & yes Thank You God - things to do.

This is also the type of man who doesn't bother lying because lying is lazy. As is cheating. As is beating on pets & people little-er than him.
Artists rendition of Man in Charge of himself

He is a Man.

He is a Man who is kind to the elderly, women & children. He is the first to stand up & offer his seat to anyone older than he is, to a woman or to a child. He DOES NOT park his ass in the chair and blatantly avert his eyeballs to the floor or to a window or to his blinged out IPhone 4 while feeling entitled to his seat because he got there first. He is the Man who opens up the door for someone who's arms are overflowing with books, groceries, laundry or things. He is the Man who also then offers & takes some of those bulky things & carries it inside with that person. He does this without being told to do so.

He is also the Man who horses around with the teenagers or plays a game of one on one on the basketball court with kids 1/2 his age AND is a good sport when he gets his ass soundly trounced by the village Micheal Jordan wannabe. He is the guy that tells the kids its time to clean up so that they can learn the value of being part of the solution not just bitching about the problem.

He is the man who laughs when his wife cries because she gained 5, 10 or 25 pounds and says "Honey, you gained it in all the right places that I love to hold & hug. You are the most beautiful thing I ever I saw and keep on getting more beautiful every day."

He is the Man that stands up for you when some ignorant bitch has said some unkind things to your face or behind your back. But he isn't an asshole about it. He tells it to them directly & upfront & he doesn't turn into a whineybitchybaby about it. He just handles it and then its done. No one needs to go to jail or make bail.

He is the Man who isn't ashamed to let the tears fall when something truly moves him. His tears are as real as he is. It does not take away from his Man-ness to feel an emotion & express it. He is the man who doesn't think twice about giving someone a big bear hug & saying I love you dude! Because he knows, love is what life is all about. And our lives are too sacred to waste trying to impress people who don't count with flexing our man muscles.
Already got the dress!

He is the Man who makes me feel more and more like a woman because he is all Man. And he doesn't need me to Man Up & carry his half of the work so that it all gets done. I handle mine & he handles his. Life is good for all of us.

I'm not saying that the Man has to be the moneymaker, the banktaker, the one who's bigger. I'm just saying that if he wants me to be his woman~ he just has to be a man about his life. Education - unimportant. Employment - unimportant. Race - unimportant. No Whining. No Bitching. No Excuses.

Live his life by his own standard & be unapologetically passionate about it, damnit!

Do you know a man like this? Because if he isn't married yet, I want to marry him. Next week Tuesday is good for me!

With Love & Delicious Man things~


  1. You rock the flowers and wedding dress my dear! There are, however, no words for that other pic. Well, except maybe for a LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!

  2. Points taken! One way to tell when a man's feelings have changed is when he doesn't feel like helping you feel like a woman anymore

  3. Re-read this post again. I wish I felt the way you do.

    When I was going through the motions of MaloGate, Vai warned me to be careful...that I might be jaded after the entire experience. I laughed it off. I knew what I was doing.

    Well here we are. A man does not make me feel like a woman. It IS the frilly dress, the lip gloss, wearing my hair down, filling out that v-neck top just perfectly, the 4-5 inch heels, all of that. What a man does is make me feel cheap, a dime a dozen, the 'for now' until-I-get-what-I-really-want or feel like my only purpose on this Earth is to serve. :S

    What makes me feel like a woman? Myself.


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