Monday, November 14, 2011


FastieCakes 2011

This is my FatsieCakes. Well, he's really Katzu's FatsieCakes. Katzu was deathly afraid of cats until my sister gave us her KrackyKitty.

Kracky was skittish crazy cat, who then had a wild love affair with the ManCat of all ManCats here in Kahuku - the Dutchman. ( Seriously, this ManCat has a scratched up face & he looks like a pirate). Fatsie was born on March 4th 2010 along with his 2 sisters & BlackieCat.

Fatsie was the fattest orangest kitten in the litter. Katzu fell in love with him immediately. As soon as it was safe to do so, Katz hauled Fatsie with him everywhere like a little baby doll propped up on his shoulder. He tucked Fatsie into a little bed next to him. He made Fatsie ride in the back of his yellow dump truck. Fatsie was such a good sport about all of it.

Blackie in the meantime became Tafi's companion.

You've probably heard me talking about him before. I go on & on about my Fatsie. He's cat as you can clearly see. But he doesn't know that he's a cat.

Fatz thinks & believes he's a boy. And that as a boy, he's entitled to specific things that boys are entitled too. Like a place on top of our dinner table. If his corner is crowded with stuff, then he'll pee on it so you know that this is his place, not your place & to move your crap off of his spot.

And Fatz is particular about Katz being home when it gets dark. As I've learned when I've taken Katz out past dark - Fatz will wait on our driveway until I bring Katz home & then meow at me his displeasure. Who ever heard of getting scolded by a cat? *sigh* Yes, that happens to me.

 Let me just tell you that Fatz has a mind of his own. And when he's not happy, he doesn't want anyone else to be happy either.

But he's patient & loyal with the ones he loves. He always comes to our room to look for Katz & lay down next to him. He stalks through our home to make sure everyone is where they need to be before he takes off to see whats going on in the neighborhood.

He - like Katzu - loves to visit our neighbors homes. He invites himself in to their homes & eats their food & plays with their kids & hangs out. There's been quite a number of times that as I'm driving up to my home through the cul de sac when I've stuck my head out the truck window & yelled at both Fatsie & Katzu to bring their asses on home already!

(Yes it is rather strange to find myself yelling for my cat & kids to come home in one breath)

I don't know what kind of cat Fatsie is except for to say he's a ManCat sort of cat.

His daddy is a Pirate Cat & his Mommy is KrackyKitty.

Whatelse would they have except for a FatsieCakes kinda cat that eats cupcakes till he pukes & then demands I give him akule & salmon?

I am not a pet person. I don't like pets. And after mocking the pet people who are fanatically attached to their pets & shop diligently at places like PET CO ~ I've found myself also shopping there & pondering the isles comparing one brand of cat food versus the other. Fatsie as I am learning doesn't like Friskies Pate.

According to Katzu, Fatsie like the Friskies that look like noodles.

(Oh what the hellokitty?!? and do I even care what my CAT prefers to eat? I won't tell you then that yes I did go to the store to buy the noodle looking cat food. That's just too embarrassing. My kids & cats are the boss of me!)

But how come in this year alone I've had Fatsie, Blackie, Piggy, Louie & now Bunbun? Blackie & Piggy have gone over the Rainbow Bridge but I miss their little faces pacing my kitchen & hallways.

I am always happy to see Fatz. He makes me smile because he's just so FatsieCakes.

I love you Fatz. You're such an ass of a cat. But your pretty awesome as a friend.

With love & delicious cats~

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