Thursday, November 3, 2011

Beneath a Star

Apia, Samoa October 2011 Photo Credit: CMagalei

Of all the things that I miss about being home, I miss the night sky the most.

I miss lying on the cold cement slabs staring up at the dark sky feeling the stars push down on me, their weight almost unbearably heavy.
I miss watching the full moon come up across the ocean like a big blood orange creeping up higher & higher.
Utulei Beach October 2011 Photo Credit: CMagalei

I miss looking up in the dark heavens & seeing the cloudy stars poured across the velvet expanse. 

I miss swimming naked in the ocean early in the morning not seeing where the inky black of the ocean blended with the sky.

(Yes! I did this. At several different beaches in Samoa. With several different people, several different times! Ha! Some of you should experience this very interesting experience & wonder what the fishes are looking at as they swim by!)

I miss being held by my love & hearing the sky move overhead & smelling the salty sea in the humid night air.

It doesn't ever get dark enough here in Hawaii where I live for me to see the stars the way I saw them in Samoa. Too many buildings with lights, too many street lights, too many of everything. Too many people moving chaotically in a dance to a dream that really is just a nightmare in disguise.

Samoanalua. My heart. My pain. My love.

With love & delicious Fetuolelagi~

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