Thursday, September 29, 2011

Remembering Tsunami 9-29-09

For the loved one who go on before us

It's been two years & a couple of thousand miles away since I heard about the tsunami that hit Home (American Samoa & Samoa).

Today to be able to sit here in soft golden morning light seems almost prayerful. I review the photos of those we lost,  see again how many bodies were recovered. I re-read the stories of the watery nightmare that swept in & took so many of our people away: men, women, children. Old & young.
All of them our loved ones.

Sadness. Grief. Anger.

Relief & joy for our loved ones who were safe. Anxiety & prayers for loved ones unaccounted for.

Much has changed since that morning.

A memorial has been erected. A siren system has been put in place. We mourned our lost families & friends.

Much has remained the same as it ever was.

The resiliency our people have in the face of defeats, crises & natural disasters remains the same.

We go on. We live on. We love on.

That's just the way we are.

With Love & Delicious Living On,

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