Friday, September 9, 2011


On the road to Delicious-ness

2006 was a decidedly Delicious Year.

It was the year I stopped looking over my shoulder waiting for someone or something to kick me.
It was the year I refused to keep crying for someone & something & somewhere that I didn't want anymore.
It was the year, I started looking at me and loved what I saw staring back at me.
Branching to the sky

I picked up my camera again for the first time since I had left Samoa 3 years earlier. The process of capturing moments healed the hurts and filled in the pot holes in my being. (There were so many words I couldn't say out loud.)

I was scared of the words becoming the frame of my life. I was afraid of the words making a reality I didn't want to know. I was absolutely terrified that the words trapped inside of me would shred me open and leave me bleeding on the floor.

The damage I had done (and that had been done to me) needed time & attention to transform into the Delicious-ness that is me now.

(It was and remains a good hard satisfying work.)

But its not enough now.
My being has things to say that images aren't capturing. There is a volcano of words that are just simmering below the surface of my lips & fingertips. It's time to return to my first love ~ which is writing. And writing and more writing.

Reflecting back on where I've been grants to me a gratitude for where I am today. I thank God that I've lived & loved & traveled the road I have.

With Love & Delicious Reflections ~

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  1. love the photos!! write, write, write and write!!


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