Tuesday, September 13, 2011


I sat on the back porch steps in the noon day sun.
Hugged my knees up close to my silvery stretch marked breasts.
I shut my eyes & inhaled the sunshine.
Felt its heat pour into my lungs
& swim out on my breath.

I thought of you.

Then I opened my eyes and looked around.
I looked down at where I was.

The steps made of broken rotting slabs with their rusted nails protruding.
The white paint scraped off in most places.
The splinters jutting out to & fro.

What are you doing today? 
Probably what you do every day.

Put the clothes in the washer &
think of me.
Wash the dishes in the sink &
talk to me.
Sweep the floors &
laugh with me.

I close my eyes again & inhale the sunshine.

With Love & Delicious Nails in Broken Steps,

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  1. i felt it the first time i read it!! second time i read it!! i was there at that moment!! :)) you ROCK!!


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