Monday, September 12, 2011

Idiot Proof Chocolate Cream Pie for Fatso's

Hawaii is beautiful. Except for when its humid.
Then it just turns into one big sweltering sauna of stink & sticky.
Being Delicious in high humidity requires more than just a dip in ocean.

It requires the power of Chocolate.

I confess it's missing a pointy end because I ate it before I remembered to take pic!

As in a chilled Chocolate Cream Pie.
Just like the one that's staring at you right now. Delicious lookin' isn't it?
(and its low fat, sugar free & about 100 cals per serving!)
Sim ~ The Chocolate Cream Pie Guy

My #1 Go to Guy Sim came up "Idiot Proof Chocolate Cream Pie for Fatso's" with the recipe:

2 boxes of sugar free chocolate pudding
1 tub of sugar free whipped cream
2 cups of skim milk
1 reduced fat sugar free ready made Graham cracker crust pie shell

His directions are:

Pour the pudding mixes in to a big bowl, add in the skim milk - blend it. It'll be thick which he says is how its supposed to look. Add in the tub of whipped cream. Blend it again. Pour it into the pie shell & then pop it into the chill box for an hour or two until it firms up.

Slice it.

But he says this is the important part ~ make sure you collect your payments from all the eaters BEFORE they devour the pie. Because he says the people who eat this pie inhale it and claim they never got any so they don't owe anything for it either. He also says they literally lick the plate clean.

After you collect your pay - then you can serve it. With a smile.

You'd better go get your because I got mine with a smile & an extra pop of whipped cream on top!

With Love & Delicious Chocolate Cream Pies ~

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