Monday, September 19, 2011

Change of Perspective

A (delicious) change of perspective
Opihi Shell 
Sometimes when things aren't going so deliciously, I tend to drift towards Why Me?

Well, the best answer to that is: Why Not Me?

When the bills are piling high
and the money is running low
why not me to say its so?

When Suzie Suckit is talking smack
and some chump ran over my cat
why not me to kick her back?

When dust is all that's left
and I'm feeling bereft
why not me in the cleft?

(Okay so that needs some rhythmic work)

But you get my point right? That even when life bites &
no hero is in sight ~ you can be your own hero & fight fight fight!

(couldn't resist one last rhyme!)

With Love & Delicious Perspectives~

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