Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Blackie's favorite thing to do - Nap!
Fatz & Blackie - 2 months old

Death isn't any easy thing to explain to a child. (Especially when their only exposure to death has been pokemon & video games.)

But the loss of a beloved friend, an unexpected accident that takes one away before we're ready? Tears & tears & prayers to God for healing miracles.

Death takes on such a larger meaning of loss.

Tonight Taf had to learn to that life & death aren't fair. Tafi saved Blackie when he was born. His mother had abandoned him at birth as he was the runt of the litter. Tafi got little kitten bottles & formula to nurse him with. He made Blackie's mother take him back. Tafi was singularly determined to make sure Blackie lived. When we moved, Blacks was the calm one who just took all the noise & clutter in stride, seeking out only Tafi's bed to pee on, so that everyone knew who belonged to who here.

He found Blacks in the linen closet, breathing shallow & crying. It appeared that someone had either deliberately kicked or squashed or run over him. It was a violent painful injury. Although the skin wasn't broken, his bones stuck out in odd angles. Blacks could barely move his body, he crawled across our floor using his front paws to drag himself forward.

Tafi wasn't ready to let Blackie go.

He had to choose to release his friend from the pain of his body. He cried, he wailed, he pleaded with me to save his friend and he choked back the sobs that he wasn't ready to let Blackie go yet.

His brave devoted loving cat held on to every breath. He gasped & wheezed & crawled to Tafi's feet where he lay his head down.

I took Taf's hand in mine, place it above Blackie's heart and let him know we loved him. I told my son to release his friend from the hurting. There were more defiant tears & denials & refusals.

A half an hour later and we let him go in peace. We told him to let us go and cross over the Rainbow Bridge. We felt his heart slow & then stop. I felt his sweet soul breathe outward.We felt him leave.

Blackie was a beautiful soul. He was so much like Tafi. He minded his own business, didn't get up in any one else business, ate his food in peace & napped in strange places. We have found Blackie in the food pantry, in the dishes cupboard and parked on to of the toilet tank. He slept on time and only liked Tafi. Everyone else got Blacks claws. And when you scratched his back he'd put his ass in the air and wave it like he just didn't care!

He would sleep with my son on his bed, curled up on his pillow, dosing after Tafi had finished reading to him.

He was a patient strange self sufficient cat. He could & did open the bag of dry cat food all by himself on those days when he didn't want to eat Friskies.

Death is an ignoble adventure. It is a bloody messy PHYSICAL process. The act of watching the soul separate from the flesh is brutal to behold.
Fatz & Blackie as babies

We decided not to wait until morning to bury Blackie.

He died at 10 to midnight. We wrapped him Tafi's Red Raiders shirt & buried him by 12:30am.

We prayed for him that his soul is safe & happy & with his brother Piggy.

We miss him. We love him. We can't wait until we see him again.

With love & delicious Cat wishes ~

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