Saturday, August 27, 2011

Welcome to 808Delicious!

Brownies & Cinnamon Rolls @ our picnic 8/27/11

Aloha! and Welcome to 808Delicious!

I'm glad you stopped by. Really I am. Other people might just say that to be polite. But not me.
You're here because you're supposed to be.

Isn't that just delicious?

808Delicious is my place for all the delicious things in my life. My delicious food, delicious family and especially my delicious friends. We have a fabulous blessed DELICIOUS life! Even when its raining, the bills are piling high and the money is running low ~ we are all of us exactly where we ought to be and it sure is delicious!

With that said, thanks for coming by!
Enjoy yourself & be delicious.
Love & Good Dishes,


  1. And now I want to re-do my entire blog! I love how yours just pops out at ya!

  2. you're most deliciously welcome!!

    *looks around* LOVE IT!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY


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