Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Surprises in the Mailbox

Our US Postal Mailbox key

One of Mother Hubbard's adamant holdovers from living in Samoa was insisting that we have a box at the local Postal Office. She didn't trust having mail delivered to our house. A locked box at the P.O. was the secured way to go. (As if we have millions of dollars we need to secure! Identity thievers you're welcome to steal my ID any day. With your luck, you'll make my credit score soar instead of sink!) 

Eleven years, three house moves later and we're still collecting our mail from the Post Office 2 villages and several miles away.

I'm the only one who ever checks our mail box. This is because a) I'm the only one will drive from our current home to check it (and to buy cheap cat food at Tamura's Hauula for my darling FatsieKakes) and b) I have the only remaining key. 

Additionally, if you're sending mail to my siblings who don't live here (and aren't nice to me) this is your notification that their mail is probably going to the trash. That's why they haven't paid your past due/final notification/we're taking your ass to court bill. Plus they really don't care to pay it either.

So I'm checking the P.O. Box and there are the usual various suspects jammed up in the tiny box... letters from Please Pay Your Bill Now, Your Account is Now Past Due and my favorite... We are referring your account to a collection agency.

I'm always so happy to hear from them. They are dedicated & committed letter writers. Every 30, 60 & 90 days promises to bring new vows of never ending devotion. If I died tomorrow - they would miss me terribly.

After all who else would they have to write to each month?

Just in case any one wants to write to me via snail mail
Nestled in between the love letters from collectors & junk mail is a small note card from someone in South Bend, ID.

It was an unexpected but very much needed boost of love from a friend far away. As I've grown older, I've marveled at the blessings of acquiring & maintaining & keeping good friends.

We never know the effect we have on another's life. We don't know what's going on underneath the surface. But we do know that we can help shoulder the burden and make it lighter.

As Mother Hubbard is fond of saying,"Many hands make quick and light work. So get in there and do something." I am off to the Post Office to do my something to make the work of living quicker & lighter for someone else. You'll know who you are when you also turn the key in your post office mailbox and somewhere squashed in between your own love letters from faithful stalkers is a small note card from somebody in Hawaii.

Thanks Jeri for doing the "something" and bringing the Delicious to my table!

With love & Good things in the mail box,

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